u.s. air force

  1. Justice Fodor

    Ray Stanford's Carnival of Incredible and Unsubstantiated UFO Claims!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, by popular demand, a return tour for the Ray Stanford Close Up series! Step right up! The mind-boggling UFO-evidence and alien-contact claims made by Ray Stanford will ASTONISH and AMAZE you-- their number, their diversity, their grandiosity, and their ability to remain...
  2. Justice Fodor

    Ray Stanford Close-Up No.7: Claims the U.S. Air Force Offered to Scramble Jets at Stanford Requests

    Ray Stanford Close-Up No. 7: Stanford's Public Claims That the U.S. Air Force Offered to Scramble F-4 Jets Any Time Stanford Asked "Bergstrom [Air Force Base, Austin, Texas, in 1973] Intelligence tried to get an agreement from me to call a 'hotline' number at their command post for them to...