A roku Box.

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    Have you guys ever seen one of these things?

    Tate gave me one as a 60'th birthday present. Yes. I am only 40. But the logic is sound as this counts for the next twenty birthdays :p

    But omg, It had Netflix on it and that was kind enough of Tate. But then I got to looking through this thing. Omg. There is really no need for Netflix I mean if you are willing to search through this thing long enough, you can find anything you want to watch for free. This includes everything on Netflix and Hulu.

    I knew things like this existed. But Until I got one, I never knew how handy and awesome they were.

    This model is an older one, The newer ones are no larger than a thumb drive. I am not mentioning this as an ad or anything. This is just so neat. And it has completely eliminated all the bothersome searching through websites and time wasted finding the right things to watch. I highly recommend getting one of these. Or something like it. I'm sure any of the products that do this kind of thing are equally as good.

    They are moste certainly neat. And it has the added benifit of making Tv feel like watching Tv again. Rather then all the tabs and pops and pages and time wasted looking it up on a pc.

    So effen neat.
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