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    Dear fellow Ufo enthusiasts, it's been a long time since visiting one of my favorite forums, but today I come here to let you know that the mystery of antigravity has been solved. Much work lies ahead but the fundamental concepts which are the enabling parts to overcoming gravity have been solved.

    My thread, which was launched three years ago, has successfully deciphered the operation principles of so~called anti~gravity drive. Unfortunately the server was upgraded and many old images and links no longer work, but regardless of this fact the gist of the whole is very simple to understand. One can go to the last few pages and gain a general idea.
    An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle - Energetic Forum

    Like any prosecution of a complex criminal design the facts came together in a sudden instant and revealing the simplicity of the whole which is beyond doubt. We are on the verge of a new epoch in the human condition, and really this is why I'm coming before you with this message, and so that you may be made aware of great changes which can be expected to come out of this new revelation.

    The conclusion is, in my opinion, self explanatory and incontrovertible. Further more, this explanation is backed by numerous demonstrations of which no amount of hyperbole can refute.

    Regardless of what others here have been educated to believe, the reality is that weight in mass is a product of induction, which is modifiable through at least 7 possible means.

    An inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Machine began with the gifted information provided by Mark McCandlish whom was the author of the illustration. One which I'm sure every member here has seen and is familiar with.

    The primary information which Mr. McCandlish had given over was that the base of that machine was constructed out of so~called capacitor plates made of quartz crystals; very pure ones called Herkimer Quartz.

    Now it took 3 years and 87 pages of bumbling but with others help we finally put the whole together, which was only possible really due to the research, publication, and experiments of Ken Wheeler; author of "Uncovering the missing secrets of magnetism." His third edition is available for free on the web as a gift. I would recommend his latest version all things considered if you really want to understand in detail.

    See, once you understand that weight in mass is a product of induction then it becomes possible to begin to understand how to modify it and or to redirect it. The key to this in the ARV design lies in the so~called capacitor plates which McCandlish had discovered were made with quartz crystals. Now these crystals are not gigantic crystals as one might imagine. They are merely tiny bits of quartz and oriented by magnetic polarization such that by layers the electromagnetic field energies from surrounding space are bent and redirected to produce a point of weight in the mass which is not below the vehicle. Doing this is known as creating a false mass point.

    The key to this is called recombination and this artful image gives you the gist of the idea which here is showing two prisms being used to recombine light.

    The history of this understanding really begins in the 1920's and then later out of Nazi Germany we get the Vril Drawings, and which provide irrefutable proofs that this awareness of re-vectoring the forces which produced so called gravity could be modified through the use of crystals, and so the understanding is at least 70 years old. Proving that the legends of the Nazi Saucers were based on fact and were neither fictional nor delusional.

    I am quite busy but will attempt to check back to answer what I can. Otherwise you can visit the thread over at Energetic forums for more information. Hopefully some of you will live long enough to find out the truth of whether we really do have aliens or if the whole has been one gigantic criminal enterprise designed to keep us all enslaved.
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    so I ended up replying to an older message when trying to see the end of the thread...
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    Okay, so Spacecase0, i was having trouble following your reply...
    was it your tools that vanished from your locked and alarmed workshop (with no alarm getting set off), and your previously built hardware was also gone?
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    So, it isn't really solved until we have a practical and working model in flight... right?

    I didn't see an example of that...
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    correct, it was all gone.
    and building it again failed as well.
    seems as if it is some sort of cursed experiment, very odd.
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    While Mark McCandlish enjoys my highest respect as an UFO researcher, I would be extremely reluctant to accept his interpretation of ARV. McCandlish is a graphic designer with zero experience in electrical engineering or physics. He never had seen any coils or capacitors in ARV, nor was he briefed about their existence. ARV cross-section is purely product of his imagination, based on his extremely limited knowledge of physics and engineering. I'll say it twice, just to make sure that this point is brought home: "McCandlish has not personally seen any of the internal ARV components. Internal ARV structure is his idea."

    If one is evolving his ideas based on McCandlish's ARV interpretation, he is building a delusion on a top of fantasy.
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    Great to see you again, hope you've been doing well, welcome back...q37


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