Benefits of going all-in on getting healthy.

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    This is long, I'm sorry.

    Firstly, Know, That I am not a health Expert, In fact, If I'm anything, I'm Not the guy you should be seeking health advice from. I was never in Poor health when I was younger. I just kept on with my Mountain Dew lifestyle, Eating as much as I wanted and it was never healthy choices. I'm talking things like for dinner I would have Sausage egg and biscuit with literally fried cheese.

    " on a side note, If you haven't ever tried fried cheese, It's not bad" Anyway, Even though I didn't know it, Inside my health was really going downhill. I have always had a very bad heart condition, But Daily and nightly chest pains were common, And I'm talking about the kinds of chest pains that wake you up from sleep that feel like painful electricity going through your heart. But I accepted this as part of Aging, Then the Breathing problems began, It was like, No matter how hard I tried. I just couldn't get a full breath of fresh air. It was like, My lungs were diminished, Then, I developed Problems with my colon, And, To be fair, I'm not a doctor, So, Where my colon was hurting, I just thought it was stomach pain. In Truth, My colon had perforated, "Busted open" And It was leaking infection into my chest.

    When the doctor finally found out what was wrong, I was literally in the beginning stages of sepsis,, Sepsis is a condition in which infection has damaged your organ tissue and thusly. The body begins to fight its own organs by shutting them down. Sepsis is Very Very bad, People almost always Die from Sepsis. That was one year ago, the doctors told me surprisingly little about how to get better. with the main take away being, Stay away from any kinds of grains and Take a lot of Metamucil, which I did. But, With that dietary change. I also cut out all forms of Sugar and All forms of bread. It took most of this year for my health to improve enough to really get back out there and put in 100 percent effort into getting healthy again.

    So, I've been really working very hard at getting as healthy as I possibly can. Here are some of the benefits you will notice if you go headfirst into an intense transformation of health.

    In the first week, Your Energy levels will improve greatly, You will notice waking up in the mornings doesn't take nearly as long and if you are at all like me, you won't even need Cafeen anymore to fully awake and be alert.

    Week Two, Your Breathing Will Dramatically improve, I don't know why it was this way for me, But, How it happened with me was. in week two, I was walking and out of breath as it was a hot day, I began Coughing, And Just like that, When I had that coughing episode. It was like, My nearly full lung compacity was back. I no longer get short of breath and While I have had chest pains Because I do have a bad heart. They are Dramatically reduced in duration and severity.

    Week Three, You begin to develop a taste for the new lifestyle you have chosen, you have so much energy that at nights, It's sometimes hard to fall asleep, Not because of insomnia, Just because It takes so much less sleep to fully recharge you. It's otherworldly.

    Week Four. You can begin to really feel the changes that are underway, You have so much energy it's euphoric. if you are anything like me And suffered from any kinds of issues with Dulled senses. Take, for instance, Eyesight. The increased blood flow and New levels of energy really have improved my eyesight.
    And Weirdly enough, My sense of smell too. As I work on my garage daily, I can literally smell if anyone in the neighborhood has fired up a BBQ grill.

    Most of all, And I don't know if I can credit this to the workout, The Diet or all the sunlight. But, I'm still Bipolar, Very much so, Yet, I'm able to get a grip and handle those negative aspects of my mental state so much more easily, However, I do have episodes a whole lot less than before, As now, I'm almost always in this relaxed, happy euphoric state.

    Now I'm not here to tell anyone, That They should do things as I have done, No doctor anywhere will tell you to get out in the 97-degree weather and starve yourself while going through basic training. But, I have learned, No matter who you are, or how poor one's health is, Exercise and proper diet Can and will completely transform your entire quality of life, Right down to, Lifting depression, And improving one's respiration, And if you are lucky like me, It could even improve your eyesight, hearing and other senses too.

    I know, This was long and I'm sorry, And I'm not being all preachy here, We all know that no one will ever change a damned thing they do until they are ready, Well, For me, my health had gotten as bad as I wanted to allow it to get. I looked around my life and saw so many sick people, Friends and family going to doctors and getting medications to treat things that literally exercise could fix. True story, I have a friend right now who just had surgery to have organs removed rather than just fucking give up sugar and greasy foods.

    What the hell, you know?

    as I've said in the past, I'm not a depressed kind of person, So, Laying down to die and accepting some vague fate isn't in my nature. And to be fair, It shouldn't be in yours either. Life is Awesome, Women are awesome, weed is awesome, And these forums are awesome, And I can't speak for anyone else, but I want to be around to enjoy those things for as long as I can fight to stay around.

    SP~paragon of never giving up.
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    Glad to hear you are doing better now, SP!

    It's important to stay healthy and I agree with what you said about fitness fanaticism. I hate seeing those fools out jogging in the middle of the day when the temp is in the 90's, not including the sweltering humidity. Just basic exercising like walking or cycling through the neighborhood everyday makes a huge difference. :Thumbsup:
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