Bizarre Real Encounters with Leprechauns

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    Bizarre Cases of Real Encounters with Leprechauns

    There is perhaps no more famous a figure from Irish lore than the fairy-tale creature known as the leprechaun. They are typically depicted as diminutive little people, a type of fairy entity, with beards and dressed in coats and hats, and in most lore they are considered to be mischievous pranksters, although also very good at cobbling shoes and making handicrafts. The popular notion in the mainstream is of them having a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and by most every account of them one would think that these beings must be purely confined to the realms of myth and folklore, but according to some strange reports they have stepped right out of the world of fantasy and into reality.

    There is actually a surprisingly large number of such outlandish, unlikely cases. One of these weird stories was related by Reddit user “helpful person1,” who says he was told this report by a professional looking Irish man who he had struck up a conversation with. The topic turned to folklore and the poster says:


    Is this just a tall tale or something more? A very strange story that appeared in various news sources at the time comes from 1964, in the city Liverpool, England, at a place called Jubilee Park. Here there are expanses of green parkland, peaceful meadows, and golf courses, and it was here in that year people began reporting that they had seen leprechauns lurking about, especially in an area called the Bowling Greens. The otherworldly tiny beings were described as being anywhere from just a few inches tall to several feet, and had the traditional appearance of being bearded little men with bushy eyebrows and dressed in white hats with green coats, and some of the reports even said that the men themselves had green skin. The creatures were mostly called “leprechauns” by the witnesses, and the media picked the term up. One witness at the time would say:

    When the reports such as this became publicized they generated a lot of interest, and crowds of people, especially children, began to gather at the Bowling Green in the hopes of seeing them. The crowd of curiosity seekers grew so large that police had to go in and clear everyone out, but the reports continued on. In that same year there was a woman living nearby who would claim to have seen three little men wearing green, who were all sitting on a wall and lobbing stones at her barking dog, and another who saw one climbing a tree. Adding to the weirdness of it all was that there were also several UFO sightings in the area during that same year, although what connection these have to the leprechaun flap is unknown. It is also not known why they were called leprechauns other than their appearance, although there is a large population of the descendants of Irish immigrants in the area.

    The report of the beings throwing things is interesting, because some of the other reports from the area at the time described the “leprechauns” as often tossing sods of earth or rocks at each other or dumfounded witnesses, and not only does this fit in well with their traditional sense of mischief, but there are other accounts that feature this propensity for throwing things. In another account from the book Mysterious Disappearances: And Other Strange Tales, by Ron Quinn, there is the account of a couple called “Rick and Joyce,” who apparently owned a remote mountain cabin getaway where they would spend their weekends. One day they were out tending their garden when a small stone landed at their feet, seeming to come out of nowhere. Puzzled, they looked around and at first suspected that perhaps a squirrel had dropped the stone from a tree, but there was nothing there. As they looked, another stone fell, lightly lobbed from the branches and obviously not meant to harm. Another stone followed, bouncing against the porch and tumbling down the steps.


    The baffled couple looked up into the trees once again, staring through the branches, and this time they claim that they saw the face of a little man peering out from the leaves at them, which they called a “leprechaun,” wearing a bright pointy hat and sporting a full beard. The little man was only of about a foot in height, and seemed to smile at them before jumping down from the tree onto the roof of the cabin and disappearing into the brush. The couple tried to coax the strange little man back out, but he was gone, and they would not make another sighting. Again we are faced with the question of what this entity, creature, whatever you want to call it, wanted. What was the meaning of those tossed rocks? Why did it smile at them? Was it trying to play with them? Was this a gesture of aggression? We will never know.

    From the same book is the tale of a man named Pat O’ Leary, and is an older report supposedly from the year 1884. Pat apparently saw a little leprechaun standing just 15 inches high standing along a rural road and decided to chase him. The gnome-like being was described as being remarkably quick and agile for his size, but somehow he managed to keep up with it. He purportedly chased it into a clearing but it had vanished. As Pat looked around for it he was suddenly pelted in the forehead by a ball of mud, which would later prove to have left an inexplicable mole behind. Whatever this thing was, it did apparently did not appreciate being chased.

    It is curious just how many reports of supposed leprechauns happen outside of Ireland or even the British Isles, yet they are still described as leprechauns. One Reddit poster called “ExistentialDread14” claims that she knows of two people who have had leprechauns encounters in western Pennsylvania, in the United States. The first tale she says comes from a police officer she calls “Mike,” and who worked for her ex-boyfriend’s father, the Chief of Police. On this day Mike was out on patrol driving down a road that on either side was a field of tall, dead brown grass when a series of very bizarre events would play out. She says:


    The poster’s second account supposedly comes from her childhood best friend “Susan,” who lived in a rural farmhouse that was purportedly haunted. She says that Susan would often tell her about strange things that happened in that old house or on the property, and one of these stories was even stranger than most. She explains:

    The poster sums it all up by giving her own theory that what these two people saw were probably a type of impish entity called “Tommyknockers,” which are very similar to leprechauns in some ways. She says of this hypothesis:
    It seems that sometimes these supposed leprechauns, gnomes, Tommyknockers, whatever they are, can go beyond mere mischief and rock-throwing to be very sinister indeed, even physically menacing the witness. One such account from Mysterious Disappearances: And Other Strange Tales, allegedly happened in Canada in 2004 to a witness called Kirk W. He claims that as he and his wife were driving back from visiting family along a wooded road there appeared two frantic women who flagged them down. Thinking that there had been an accident, Kirk pulled over and the two women excitedly began to spin a wild tale indeed.


    They claimed that they had been driving along the road when 6 or 7 tiny little men with little floppy hats, beards, and “shaggy clothing” had come cavorting out of the forest and caused them to slam on their brakes. Three of the little men came charging towards the car almost as if in a sort of challenge, and another had jumped onto the hood of the vehicle and jumped up and down on it while scowling at the terrified occupants. This went on for about 2 minutes before the little men either calmed down or got bored, and they all filed away into the wilderness. Kirk says that he then went to go investigate the scene of the supposed encounter, and while he did not see any gnomes himself, he did see some inexplicable movement in the brush. From Reddit user “snickerscowboy” we have a rather menacing encounter with a leprechaun that he believes may be somehow tied to his dead step father, who was of Irish ancestry. He says that the two of them had never gotten along, and that he was often very disrespectful when talking about him after his death, which is perhaps the reason for his ensuing bizarre experience with a leprechaun. He explains of all of this.

    These cases and others like them are certainly on the fringe, and leave us to wonder just what to make of them. If there is anything to this at all, then what could we possibly be dealing with here? Are these some type of fairy folk, interdimensional phenomena, or something else? Or are these just legends and lore that have managed to spill out into the real world through tall tales and exaggeration? Are they myth or reality? Whatever the case may be, such reports still make the rounds out there, and serve to add layers to the world of the weird.


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