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    My Mandela Videos on YT.

    You know, Sometimes, someone makes something just because they know people will Eat it up. That's what Youtube was at the time. "Make videos for clicks" What bothers me about it is, I've been reading the comments on those Mandela videos, Some people really truly believe what I was saying about Cern Tearing holes in reality with a particle accelerator, It got Over 80 thousand views.

    It bothers me.

    What I'm known most for is a Video I made Where I was pulling Fictional information from nowhere and spinning lies with it. What bothers me most about it is, I've made nearly a hundred Scientifically accurate videos and even Videos that condemn my Mandela Videos, It's a known Fabrication, I've campaigned as such in the comments sections.

    But, People Like My Hand full of lies I made for click bate, and they respond to them better than all the works of Scientific Fact I've done combined. It's like, The path to success is This wide open seven-lane highway. But you can only drive on it in a car of lies.

    But, If you spend your time, Making scientifically accurate videos and working harder just to make sure those facts all check. No one wants those. They want the lies. The known lies.

    It's like people don't just "Not Seek The Truth" It's like they actively stray from it intentionally.

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    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    I'll be looking for ya mynutsareorange form Phoenix Arizona. I will find you. You belong to me now,
  3. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    That may not make sense to some people, He will know what this is about,
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    looking at the CERN setup,
    I think it can alter reality,
    and I did not get that idea from a video at all,
    got it from alternate physics ideas, and the logic it has leads to supposed leaked information (PDF)
    the field format for the CERN device and the MAGVID can easily be the same (depending on how they run it)

    so when I ran across someone else telling that "Cern Tearing holes in reality with a particle accelerator"
    I figured they had seen what I did, or knew the people running the cern tests

    so, I think your fiction might have more truth in it than you think it does.
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