Crashed UFO or Underground Base Entrance on Mars?

Discussion in 'Unexplained Mysteries' started by nivek, Sep 13, 2020.

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    HIRISE Recorded Crashed UFO or Underground Base Entrance on Mars?

    The following picture was captured by the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera and as you can tell right off the bat there’s definitely fishy about it, to say the least. First off, let’s address the official statements by NASA and JPL which came together in a recent interview to state that there’s nothing special about this site, to begin with, and that this is the average small crater that you can find all over the North Polar layered deposits of Mars.


    For the most part, we wouldn’t have a reason to go against their sayings, but this time around there’s definitely more to it than just that. First off look at the protruding mass from it. If it were just a crater it wouldn’t have such an obtuse shape, to begin with, which is why many experts believe that this is a crashed UFO after all.


    Secondly, the trail that leads to it seems too symmetrical for it to be there by chance alone. Many experts believe that this is some sort of a sign that this is actually an underground base entrance after all and that by entering it we would essentially find the Martian civilization we’ve been looking into for many years now.

    The coordinates are 81.3° 91.5° and as you can tell from the pictures that NASA released the spot itself is different from the surroundings, proving yet again that this is no normal crater we’re looking at after all.

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    Hi Nivek, hope all's well in your part of the world mate. :Thumbsup: ... Along with the damned covid thing that's battering the whole world, I see that you are being plagued by all of those horrible wild-fires that have claimed so many lives and ruined so much for so many over in the U.S ...You have our deepest sympathies guys.
    .. And as to this "Crashed Saucer or Base Entrance claim", .. well I actually first came across this 'story' last week [9th Sept) on here ... Extraterrestrial Blog
    ... it's the original site of the story ... and is just one of many on the site that I would label as being "Pareidolia-whipped-up-out-of-proportion" ... but that's just my view of course.
    The site itself is one that I stumbled across a while ago, and have occasionally passed a bit of time perusing the variously limp-to-decent articles when bored. ... Much the same way that I used to view the Ancient Aliens TV programme [which is even limper lol] ... nevertheless, I do confess to being drawn into taking the odd 'story' far more seriously than I probably should lol. ... Such as yesterdays lead-offering ... i've been mulling this thing over for most of the morning and can't for the life of me work out what it could be ... if genuine and not a hoax by the two lads? :crazy4: ... do you have any thoughts mate?

    Cheers Buddy.

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