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    Hey, hope you all are doing well, nice to see some postings that I'll be reading and catching up on...

    Just wanted to say I was in the hospital for Transient ischemic attack on Thanksgiving day and was release earlier today...I'm fine and actually it seems I had this minor stroke on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday of last week but the after effects or symptoms showed up Thursday morning on Thanksgiving...

    I went through full testing CT scans, MRI and so forth, they said I'm in perfect health, not even a hint of cancer and said they thought this minor stroke was because of high stress and anxiety experienced from work...

    Amy way I'm doing well and feel great, it's late and going to sleep soon but will be more active here now, thank you all for writing and posting here, I do appreciate it and will be more actively involved now as well as doing my part to welcome in new members...
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    Welcome back. :)

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