F the Police. And here is why.

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  1. Shadowprophet

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    Mount Vernon firefighter accused of impersonating police officer


    Last year this man, his name is Michale something This very man kicked my door in, came into my home and interrogated me While claiming to be looking for some missing girl. He was in full gear, And I had no reason to believe he wasn't a police officer, I did, however, think it was strange that I had never seen him before in my life and I know everyone in this very small town, And the adjacent town that dispatches police officers.

    This man it turns out has been impersonating a police officer in southern Kentucky for the last five years, and when things got too hot for him he would simply move to another town and impersonate an officer there. He came off strange Like he was accusing me of having the girl in my home somewhere, It was strange.

    here is why I do fully say Fuck the police, He was not alone, He was indeed with official police officers who I know were legitimate police officers. But somehow, This guy who is a volunteer firefighter and has never been a police officer somehow just walks up to our local police and tells them, "Oh yeah I'm totally a cop" And then he gets to raid peoples homes officially? With the support of Local authorities? And somehow, He's not even a cop.

    You know, The fact that they didn't know he was impersonating an officer makes me wonder just how many
    Chief Wiggums there are in law enforcement. I mean, These people get to walk into peoples homes With Guns and start throwing down demands with authority

    You can brush this story away as another one of SP's regaled extravagant stories, No, This guy, Really came into my home, Impersonating a police officer searched my home, And yeah, He did piss me off with his accusations. and Yes I did feel threatened, And Yeah, I thought about shooting him.

    No, That is not a joke, I could be in prison right now, for shooting someone for barging into my home and demanding things of me when I had committed no crime and he had no probable cause.

    That's life you know, people will think Shadow would have shot a person who he was convinced was a legitimate police officer.


    I felt threatened by him and I had no police record, I've never been arrested And he kicked my door in and started demanding to know where some girl was,

    Yeah, I almost shot him.

    Look people can think I'm insane if they want. But when people feel threatened, That's when they start shooting to protect themselves. I almost shot this guy. This would have sent me to prison. That's probably why I didn't do that. But, The temptation, To blow someone's brains out because they kicked your door in and begin demanding things. That temptation was there.

    This story is as true as the sky is blue.
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  2. Ron67

    Ron67 Ignorance isn’t bliss!

    As a retired police officer,it’s reassuring to know that there are people out there wanting to kill officers due to the actions of a clearly mentally ill individual.
  3. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Wow, Shadow... You know that Firefighters can be deputized? Hard to believe Officers can be fooled by an imposter even if he knows a few things about what he is doing, but this proves it could happen, huh?

    I am glad they caught him.

    I am also glad everyone lived.

    Bad situation all around.

    But you gotta give the police the benefit of the doubt. They were probably fooled by this creep.
  4. CasualBystander

    CasualBystander Celestial

    Shooting people creates more problems than it solves.

    OP is right to be pissed, but it pretty much ends there.

    OP should be glad no one "SWATTED" him.
  5. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    I think almost anyone would lose faith in law enforcement after something like this. This doesn't reflect the nature of wanting to kill police officers. Anyone who allows themselves to be blinded by trust just because someone is wearing a uniform.

    Doctors have been serial killers, Lawyers have sent people to their deaths with a smile on their faces.

    It doesn't matter what part of what group someone is. What their connections are, Who gave them that authority or why When someone threatens someone else who is innocent of any crime by kicking their door to their home in. It doesn't matter what someone is wearing or who their affiliations are. Let someone kick your door in and see if you aren't tempted to shoot first and figure things out later. Being triggers by someone saying F the police to call someone a killer, That's exactly part of the issue.

    A Threat is a threat it doesn't matter who it comes from or why, Just because the man was wearing a uniform changes nothing about that scenario, At all.

    Let me ask you, If someone broke into your home, slapped your kids kicked your coffee table over and began demanding answers to questions you had no answer for, Would it matter if he was a police officer?
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  6. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    If people can't see that hey, I was sitting in my own home in my living room with me and my dogs, Just playing video games, And I should be happy it wasn't worse then it was.

    Come the hell on, I did nothing wrong, my door was kicked in for no reason by some dumbass.

    Somehow I'm the problem because I almost shot the guy. NO, I will always protect myself and my family from attack, It doesn't matter who it's from or why.
  7. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    This guy wasn't deputized, it is my understanding, This guy was Mennonite who just for some reason liked impersonating a police officer.
  8. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    But, Don't leave this thread, Thinking, I just want to kill someone, That's the wrong take away here, and it's untrue.

    I fully believe anyone would have felt threatened and defensive at the time. Without a doubt, I believe that. The idea that I should fully trust the police after this incident when they themselves were catering to this guys Bs, Is a giant pant load.

    The Everyone in blue is my brother mentality, is Bs too, Too many police officers have gotten away with mistreating people, all because their "Brothers in blue" covered their nasty deeds.
    A uniform doesn't really make the man. And I will end with this, Anyone who will lay down their life and allow a police officer to take it, just because they are a police officer. Well, that person is a giant pussy.

    It's a basic instinct to fight to protect one's own life, a blue uniform doesn't change that nature of all humans. That's part of it, Police think, We should all just bow down and obey,

    But if we aren't breaking any laws at all, Then that officer has no right to impose his authority upon us. If an innocent man shoots a police officer in self-defense, then that man is still innocent. Police want to break peoples things, Police want to be Gods of others While enforcing their rule over people with Arrelious authority,

    Bow before me peasant,!!! I am the Mighty Blue Man!!!!!!! You are nothing But a speck in the wind before the mighty policeman!!!!! Bow before my mighty power!!! Fuck that whole concept... There are people who would bow to that power, And then there are people who would fight to protect their dignity and their families sanctity.

    Anyone who comes into my home, and begins breaking things, Uniform or not, Is likely to get shot, That will never chance, No matter what.
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  9. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    The idea that There is a precedence that I, who am innocent, Should have to tolerate my door being kicked in, feeling threatened, by a person who was armed to the teeth with projectile weapons and binding devices.

    I just don't buy that whole thing. The police need reform, Not innocent citizens, THE POLICE NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS, END OF STORY.

    If a blue uniform makes people feel more powerful that's cool for them,

    People should always protect themselves and their families. And To be honest, I think when people become police officers, They should have the common sense to know, Hey, If I kick someone's door in and start barking at them armed, Wouldn't they be prone to shoot me? A police officer is signing up for a job that is dangerous, It's not my responsibility as a citizen to pour them coffee and give them doughnuts.

    Someone kicks my door in, They as asking to be shot, That's the bottom line in this.
  10. CasualBystander

    CasualBystander Celestial

    After you have watched a drunken **** curse out the police when they arrest her for drunk driving you realize that being a policeman is not aways the ideal job.

    Not everybody they meet is happy to see them.

    Not every area they go into is safe.

    They arrive on a scene cold, and have to figure out who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

    The numbers say that they are getting better.

    Surprised there are as few mistakes as there are.
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