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    The UFO field is, of course and even notoriously, full of interesting characters. For me, one of the most interesting ones is Glenn Campbell, famous for the Area 51 Research Center (in an old trailer house at Rachel, Nevada back in the day), his Desert Rat newsletter (a paper one sent through the mail) and the mammoth web site he ran for several years. He was on TV a lot when he lived in Rachel. He wrote and published the Area 51 Viewing Guide, pioneered the observation point on Tickaboo Peak (which he apparently also named, in an unofficial way) and hosted, set up, and maintained Errol Bruce-Knapp's UFO Updates email list. Among many other things.

    Glenn has gone on to other endeavors in his typically un-typical way, but that's another career or three that don't have anything to do with UFOs or Area 51. Much of his old web empire still exists though, in archived form with some images still intact. It is a treasure trove of lore, behind the scenes looks at stories that were hot at the time, and tons of messages from crackpots of astonishingly diverse nature. Well, much of the crackpot stuff was semi-literate accusations of being a disinformation agent or at least it seems that way, but we'll get to that later. I missed out on all the fun while it was still live, dammit. I was slow to get online, and by the time I wobbled onto the information superhighway in my third-hand Gateway 386, Art Bell and C2C were the dominant presence. It took me a while to stumble on to Glenn's stuff, where I found all sorts of interesting things that were going on when I was still buying UFO magazines down at the bookstore. It would have been a blast to join in the online fun, which was still very much a novel experience.

    A good place to start is with the archived versions of the Desert Rat. Glenn had a very interesting approach to the questions of what was at Area 51. He was not judgmental, very fair in his dealings with all involved, and even generous to his detractors and self-declared enemies. The results were funny and good natured nearly all the time. Ufologists and related sorts can be quite humorless, so not only was the DR a breath of fresh air, it no doubt confused the hell out of the ones with sticks up their asses. He was and still is agnostic about aliens. The last thing I know if that he published about it goes like this: If aliens are visiting Earth, they are not bothering me so I don't care.

    The Groom Lake Desert Rat

    That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are archives of various email lists, free floating articles, and what have you all over the sprawling collection of sites. I've been poking around in there recently, clicking on things I hadn't seen before and a lot of stuff I'd forgotten, and it's always fun. It can get a bit depressing after a while though, since there is so much dark conspiracy and anti-government crapola of a very low order polluting the discussion even back then. One of the things I had forgotten all about was the Thousand Man March, which will seem very familiar. Here's a bit of what survives:

    I learned, much to my surprise, that Glenn is despised in many of the grubby little ghettos of tinfoil hat land. Many people still see him as some kind of government operative, destroying their little fantasies. He used to post online as "Psychospy" partly because of that, um, reputation and partly as a member of the Area 51 Interceptors, or whatever that group was called. When I finally decided to join the fray and dive into online UFO discussion back in '07, I needed a moniker and chose my present one partly as a tribute to Psychospy and partly because I always thought Jethro and his iron hat was hilarious. I was a big fan of the Beverly Hillbillies as a kid when it was brand new, and thought Jethro was the funniest thing on TV. Anyway, I immediately got my own dose of animosity from people who apparently believed my username was a clever play on my real occupation. Yes, it sounds absurd and even moronic, but I still sometimes get flak. I find it equally puzzling and entertaining. I posted on ATS many moons ago as DNS, and decided to post a notice of a tour service Glenn was starting, where he would meet you in Las Vegas or somewhere and take you up Tickaboo for a very reasonable fee, to point out what can still be seen of the secret base. Among the nasty responses I got to that was one accusing me of being Glenn Campbell! It wasn't long after that I gave up on ATS.
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