Has anyone at the deepest level changed who they are?

Discussion in 'Social Hub' started by Dundee, Nov 11, 2017.

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    I know she's had a bone marrow transplant along with rounds of chemotherapy. Stem cell transplant, no I don't think so..

    Hey @Diva how are you feeling? I know you said you had a flu a little over a week ago.
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    Oh i see, hope she will recover soon.

    Well, i got cured and got it back again from someone but i'll be ok tho, its not that bad. Flu is everywhere here..
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  3. Dundee

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    Speaking of illness, I guess on one hand this is not funny but n the other hand it is a little.
    My brother in law is in his early 70's normally pretty fit, and a mad keen fisherman and hunter. Anyway, long story short he has some blockage in his system they think his liver and it is making him really unwell. They took him in to scan him in the MRI, which went nuts. He forgot to tell them, decades ago he got shot with a shotgun by a careless hunter and is full of lead. The MRI went nuts. So he is stuck with older fashioned methods at the min.
    Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it soon.
    But when he is better, going to have to make some metal man jokes at his expense. :)
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