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    A tamilian (South Indian) like me lol, a king and Buddhist priest named Bodhidharma (Tamo in Chinese), was the founder of Kung fu.

    Bodhidharma - Wikipedia

    See the video for the brief history about him, this video clips is from a movie..

    For the second video see until 9:00, the rest is about another story..
    this video got no subtitle so in brief, China got problems with the mongolians, after Bogi fought them he taught them kung fu, medicines and etc. After he taught them everything he know, he wanted to go back to his family in india, problem is that the Chinese loved him a lot that they don't want him to leave. they put poison his food, Bogi knows that the food got poison but he still ate it and died. His teachings were taught through generations and was spread to other countries..


    This thread is for history, do post any history that you think others may not know / is important to know / anything that is history related..
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