january 1998 sighting

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    So object was on the far side above row of trees in the distance?
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    hmmm, sounds like a real UFO, they emit infrasounds that drive animals crazy
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    yes more or less. I'm facing south the craft flew east to west
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    I've been told of an encounter with a triangle pretty recently:

    A person I have worked around now and again for about nine years told me about an experience he had in '82 or '83. The individual we will call "Johnny" was in high school at the time in California. He was driving with two other guys to a friend's house to pick her up so they could go party at a nearby lake that evening . They were driving on a road about four miles from Placer Elementary School:
    As they were driving along, the car's engine suddenly sputtered and cut out and they came to a stop. It seemed to get very dark, and they looked up and were confronted with a huge black triangle, something as large as a football field, noiselessly hovering in the air, only about 15 or 20 feet over the tops of the short oak trees... The object had lights at the three corners and a few other dimmer lights in other places. It began to slowly move off behind the trees and away, and then in an instant it was gone ; it moved quickly or was no longer visible.
    Johnny has no knowledge of the UFO phenomenon, and gets stressed by UFO information. I consider Johnny to be a very honest and frankly, good, person. His two friends also believe they saw what he did.
    Johnny claims they lost time and were a couple of hours late to their friend's house.

    This was posted at Fortean Forum by Comfortably Numb from his archive:


    "...Duchovny says, recalling a bizarre sighting 13 years ago. "But I did tell my friends about it because it was rather scary."

    Duchovny says the encounter occurred while he was jogging alone along an empty stretch of beach in Ocean City, N.J., in 1982. "I suddenly looked up and I saw this triangular kind of spaceship. It was early morning, and I don't think I took more than a few steps when it just disappeared right out of sight. "It almost looked like a variation of the Stealth bomber except there was no sound coming from it.

    One minute it was there, in the sky, in broad daylight, and the next minute it was gone."

    Duchovny says there were no other eyewitnesses to his UFO sighting that day, but adds that that doesn't surprise him.

    "Aliens can be very tricky," he says. "They come after you when you're alone. There wasn't another soul on the beach that day.

    "It's as thought once 'they' see you, it's, 'Hey, let's scare this guy.' I think it's some sort of game with them. What I do know for sure is that whatever I saw, it got the hell out of there real fast."

    The former college basketball star says he thinks the U.S. government should be open with any files they have on alien life forms or any other unknown or unexplainable forces.

    Duchovny, who's familiar to movie fans for his 1993 role in the Brad Pitt serial-killer thriller, Kalifornia, is one of three children born to a schoolteacher mom and a novelist dad..

    His folks are very spiritual, he says. "My family and I are real close. And one thing we all seem to have in common is that we believe in ghosts. "I believe that the energy we create in our lives is so strong that it hangs around for a while after we die.

    "Actually, I would rather hang around than go to heaven. It's much better to just be set free." Duchovny, who is of Scottish and Russian descent, says he remembers his grandmother telling a story that the ghost of her grandfather visited her after he had died in a drowning accident.

    "I believe in things like that," Duchovny admits. "I can't say I've actually seen a ghost, but I've definitely felt their presence. "Whether it's my imagination is not the point because the products of my imagination are real to me."

    After a few minutes of searching I found:
    The 1983 UFO Chronology

    A bunch of triangles and even cars being stopped, too.

    "Feb. 19, 1983; Swansea, Glamorgan, South Wales
    Daytime. Up to 200 people observed a huge triangular shaped UFO pass overhead in various places along the South Wales coast. They included a class of schoolchildren and a football team. In Swansea two detectives, DS Mike Troake and DC Gethen Humphreys saw the object glide overhead in total silence. DS Troake said, ā€œIā€™m used to seeing aircraft in the sky but this was massive-much bigger than a plane. There was a large main cluster of lights at the front shaped a bit like a Zeppelin followed by a triangular group of lights. They moved gracefully across the sky about 1000 feet up.ā€ Fearful of ridicule neither officer reported the incident to their colleagues. UFO CLASSIFICATION NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT) On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: Sunday Mirror 20/02/83 (Source: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 Heseltine British Transport Police."
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    I'd have to dig it up, though other may have it already, but a small black triangle was seen flying around NY --I think in the '50s; between buildings and an elevator operator (iirc) took a pic of it. I posted it long ago on Historum --I am going to go though that thread there.
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