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  1. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Shnidall had tak nuya.

    Meditation and study:
    ACTUAL: Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.

    TRANSLATION: Identify with every living thing.

    An enemy is my friend, even if he does not know it.
    Truth is before life and also after it.
    Nothing mysteriously designed to set fear in me is worth fearing, especially if it is just a test designed by man...
    Turniskatahn, I have already won!

  2. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    The next morning...
    I was in that place between awake and trying not to be. I wanted to stay asleep a bit longer, so squeezed my eyelids as if to tell my brain to stay asleep.

    WAVES of light scrolled left to right, as if my brain were arguing with me, “No, I am waking up, see my energy pulsing?”

    The lightwaves became brighter, “NO, YOU WILL GET UP.”

    “Fine, I will get up!”, I say. Like my brain could understand.

    I opened my eyes, checked my calendar, “Doctor today...”

    “Doctor today.” Like a tape playing in my head.


    “Coffeee...”. Said the brain.

    “Hey... I am the same brain... STOP REPEATING YOURSLF.”, I say...

    “Stop repeating yourself.” Said the tape.

    “Ok, hello...?”

    A 4 foot tall, green, skinny, humanoid with big black eyes suddenly appeared in front of me, and I could see his reflection In the mirror... the back of his head was recessed inward in the middle...

    “Get out of my head.”, I said.

    “I am not in your head.” said the creature.

    Then he disappeared, right before my eyes.

    The mirror seemed to shimmer with water reflections for about a half second.

    I blinked my eyes, and looked around... everything seemed normal again.


    I made breakfast, eggs toast n coffee, and opened the paper.

    “I guess it is business as usual...”

    “No.” I heard in in my head.. “Business as unusual as you have ever seen...

    “Bert? Is that you. Stop messing around...”, I said..

    “Bert can’t help... you are not going to see your friends again.” , said the voice in my brain..

    “I do not accept this...” , I said.

    “Oh you have no choice...what do you think of Turniskatahn now?”

    “Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”

    The little green man appeared again, “Thank you.”

    Then he disappeared again.
  3. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    All night long. I kept remembering.

    Not Alien encounters, but encounters with humans. Those simple times, meeting strangers, in places like the gym, or at the mall, but something stands out about these moments in time...

    Often movie stars have appeared in everyday settings... here and there... some would be expected, such as Las Vegas... sometimes I would bump into them on scuba diving trips, sometimes rock climbing and ice climbing trips, and sometimes in airports, or even sitting next to me on a plane, or at a bar. For me, perhaps more than usual, as I estimate at least over 100 occasions, I have bumped into these famous people. Some of them remember me, and mention that they remember, and they seem to be curious about me. I usually do not treat them like movie stars... we are almost always in an everyday regular situation, and they are just everyday regular people.

    But I found myself hashing through it last night in my sleep, and in small bouts of consciousness as I would turn over to find a more comfortable resting position...

    As I awoke, I was struck with the thought that this is not coincidence... There may be a reason for my path...
    I do not know what it is, but I do not intend to simply ignore it as random happenstance... there is a purpose to it.... and I will approach future passers buy with more respect and acknowledge to them that I think it I could be more than coincidence.

    Something tells me this is important... not only to me, but to them as well...
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  4. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Little green guy popped in again, "Stars!" he said. Then he disapeared.

    Me, "Hey little guy, what is up with you?"

    ...no response...

    I went about having my dinner. About 12 minutes later, he popped in, "Stars!" And poof, he was gone...

    I had no idea what he was doing.

    "Bert? SOMEBODY?"

    ... no response ...


    He popped in again, pointed at the Christmas tree. "STARS!"

    "You mean the lights on the tree? LIGHTS..."

    Greenie, "LIGHTS... STARS!"

    I tapoed my finger on the tip of my nose.

    Greenie did the same.

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  5. Toroid

    Toroid Founding Member

    I've heard and read lots of stories about so-called chance encounters on planes as if an AI engineers the proximity event. Could these celebrities be contactees?
  6. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I am not sure what the common element is. A few have said they do not think it is coincidence either but they do not seem to know know what it is.
    For a while, I wondered If they might be imposters, but I don’t thinks so...
    We share some kind of energy, a bond, but yet we don’t get what for, and nobody seems to know what to do with it. Curiosity seems to be the only motivator for me and them.
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  7. Toroid

    Toroid Founding Member

    I heard the Plejarens are 5D or fifth level of consciousness and earth humans are at 3D. Do you have any inside information about this?
  8. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    It might make sense if I understood it. The only thing that was said about that was a conversation between brunette (Kim) and me:

    She said I am on a higher vibrational state or frequency.... we did talk about a dimensions, and that there is more than 4... we even used a pencil and paper to discuss that. I drew a Cartesian system and a representation of 3D, and she asked me to represent A 4th dimension or even a 5th. Then she drew a spiral, and asked me how to get from one side to the other... My 1st response, was to just follow the line until arriving at the destination. “Good.” she said, but how do you get there faster?”

    I shrugged, “How do YOU do it?”

    Kim, “We concentrate with care and respect to the water and the light. It decides if we are worthy, and we are taken there... it is difficult to explain... Your dimension doesn’t have words to describe it. I don’t want to scare you, so remember that these words are primitive- In a way, you die, and you are reborn... but that isn’t a good explanation... It will only confuse you, so I will stop there. I can tell, I confused you, and this is too much for you.”

    Me, “No, it is okay.”

    Kim, “Maybe this will help.” She pulled out a squeeze bottle and squeezed some water onto the table. She gazed at it and I could tell she was really concentrating on the shallow pool. It formed three cones about an inch high, and each cone formed arms. The three forms danced and wiggled in synch with each other to some music that seemed to come from nowhere...

    I smiled, while watching in amazement.

    The water splashed back into a puddle on the table, as Kim looked away.

    Kim. “And that is how we do it. I asked the water to dance, and it danced... it is the same for many other things.”

    Me, “That is so neat... I think I understand but I have no idea how to do it...”

    Kim, “You are a little boy... You are not mature enough... That is the second point of the demonstration. You haven’t learned how yet. First, you must learn to live longer, to give time for you to grow and develope the skills... If you can learn to live longer, your race may be able to do it, someday. ”

    Me, “I am over 40...”

    Kim, “Still a toddler compared to us.”
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  9. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Voice- "There is something inside you... I am surprised you haven't complained. You need to come in."

    "WHO is THIS?"

    ... no response...
  10. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    So I am begining to see what Bert meant when he said "When you think you know, you don't know..."
  11. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Missing time.

    Last night I went to the gym. I texted my wife so she would know I would be in the gym for 45 minutes at 7:23 PM

    I went straight into the gym, changed clothes ( walking from my car, checking in, changing clothes, 5 minutes). stretched for 3 minutes, and straight to the treadmill. The treadmill timer said I went 2.5 miles FOR EXACTLY 35 minutes before I stepped off... went to the locker room and opened my locker... put on a hoodie, grabbed my bag, proudly thinking I was right on schedule.


    “That can’t be right. Should be 8:13...”

    Grabbed my phone to text my wife and tell her I was leaving and the time stamp said 8:18...

    5 minutes unaccounted for.

    That may not seem like a lot, but I pride myself on setting a schedule, and executing the plan.. It is a little game I sometimes play with myself to make working out more entertaining...

    5 minutes were lost with no explanation.

    I guess it isn’t a big deal, could have been me just being slower than usual... right? I mean, I didn’t watch the clock while I stretched, but I counted to 60 on each leg, and I did the usual toe touches... usually less than a minute for those... and I only lost five minutes...

    “Could have just been me... yeah? Oh geeeze! Look at the time... 6:03 AM! I thought I had more time... how long was I typing this document? Grrrr...”
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  12. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    She stood at the foot of my bed... her talons extended, her dark, evil wings unfolded... her eyes were fired red, and her fang like teeth glowed Yellow in the light of the moon coming through the window...

    Greenie stood beside me and pointed at her, “Shards!”, then turned to me, “Sword!”

    Me, “Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”

    I stood... took a step toward her. Greenie grabbed my hand and pulled me backwards... he was pretty strong a little guy. I patted him on the shoulder, Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”

    Tears filled greenies eyes... “Sword!”

    I walked to the dark figure... put my hand on her shoulder, Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”
    She belt down on the floor and wept. I NELT WITH HER AND RESTED HER HEAD ON MY SHOULDER...”Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”

    Shards, Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA... ? Never have I heard before directed to me... ” she rested, and sobbed.

    Me, “ Yes, you... Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”

    Greenie approached, “Sword?”

    Shards, “Anguish, despair.... ”

    Greenie, “Shards....”

    Me, “Not shards, but pieces of me... it is not her, but me tha5 I have set free...”.

    Greenie, “Stars!”

    Shards brpegin to glow as if she were made of with a thousand points of light, her talons receded, her teeth receded, here eyes changed to deep blue! And her hair, solid white... an old, but attractive woman. “Shari... is my name... “

    Greenie, “SHARI, STARRY..”

    I patted greenie in the head, and pulled him in and rested his head on my other shoulder...

    “Sni Dahl Hath Tak Nu RA.”

    Greenie, “Yes...”
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  13. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    And this concludes Kchoo Experience.
    Thank you for your support.
    This thread can now be closed.

    Peace, and... Merry Christmas!

    This is Kchoo, signing off December 24th 2o18.
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  14. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I find myself wondering when I will see her again... and looking around in crowds, asking myself if any of these people do not really belong... playing where’s Waldo. Occasionally I think I see her, even talked to a couple of them, but not sure if they are just people making nice and playing along or if it is one of them.

    Recently I saw a blonde, she was wearing a baseball cap, and work out tights. She was lifting free weights, doing straight bar arm curls with maybe 40 lbs... Extremely low body fat, but very healthy and mostly normal except her big green eyes seemed to wrap too far around the side of her head. I Noticed her eyes later when we passed, stepping aside to avoid bumping into her head-on. It felt Erie... I only have seen her at this gym that one time. I don’t think I have ever seen her before, but it was strange, yet familiar... I walked away wondering if she was one of them, or just an unusually fit and somewhat unusual eyed Earth person...
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    Very Interesting Read! Thx
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