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    As a blogger, I tend to write very intellectual blogs that require a lot of in depth reading and aren't meant to just exist as popularity or filler pieces but get very little views. Sometimes I wonder about the viewers that do take an interest enough to read them. But I'm talking at max 10 views. That little. But I thought this would be a much better place to put some of my ideas down because... my blogs have the curious tendency to be laced with the thought pattern that we as human beings, are extraterrestrial. Maybe not thought pattern, but theme, or motif.

    And the reason behind that is, its simple logic... if extraterrestrials do exist, than they view us as extraterrestrials. So, I have taken upon myself to develop a very new, futuristic view of human beings. And to really savor being one. And also planet earth. The brain is one of the most prominent organs of the body. Human beings are practically defined by their expansive, highly intelligent brains. But it is my understanding that science's understanding of the brain is old, outdated, lacking in empathy, and of fresh perspectives. This article is my understanding of the brain, humbly.

    The brain does have a conscious and subconscious. But my understanding of the conscious and subconscious is that of mind and the "other person inside the body" consecutively. So, I see it this way: The minds communicate and react to each other, and believe they exist alone, but the subconsciousnesses are all "know it alls" in the capability that they control waking up, going to sleep, and can think of many many things at the same time, one example of that being being able to control the whole body at once, as a cohesive unit, whereas the mind, or the person who believes they are the only one, reading this, can only think of one thing at a time. This is called "focus" or "focal point." The brain, the subconscious part that is, can see your ENTIRE PERIPHERAL VISION. You've learned to take it for granted. You feel the different parts of the body as they move and think its you doing it. But try this: Stop reading this article for a bit and wait until your hands move on their own. Give them a little encouragement by trying doing something so-called random. Because its not random. What we have learned to think is us being random is actually coming straight from the subconscious mind. So you could write random words down on paper and it would be the subconscious mind talking to you. Or you could learn American Sign Language and sign to yourself with your subconscious mind. It is my impression that everybody needs a constant friend that they can trust with their life. Little did they know this friend has been with them their entire life! And for the first 3-4 years of your life, this friend actually did everything for you! This friend, was the actual one who learned to walk, and then taught you, so to speak. So, lets break it down in the next paragraph a little farther, and then I'll be looking forward to your responses to this.

    The brain has 100 billion neurons in it. What a neuron is it is it is the cell that knows how to think. Neurons work as follows (based on my study of artificial neurons or computer neurons that people have learned to develop.) Take 10 neurons, and guide them around a racetrack. This teaches the neurons about racetracks. Then show them a new racetrack that is completely different. The neurons will then learn the new racetrack perfectly after a number of mistakes and bumps and booboos. and this is only 10. Imagine what 100 billion neurons can do. Don't you love having a brain? Its so much fun! Its like being a kid again once you learn about it, and what it actually is. Just remember that neurons can learn anything and that gives you a lot of confidence to go out and be yourself. I think its only natural that I became interested in my own brain since I started out as interested in artificial intelligence as a computer scientist. Now one more thing. The brain is adept at planning. Going in to what goes on in the 10 neurons and the racetrack as they learn, is planning. I've learned this by experience. It takes a plan to be in the right place at the right time so you don't bump into walls. Right? So imagine: And this is like you're about to open pandora's box right here: What your 100 billion neurons can plan. And then think about this: Do you really think your lifespan is only 80-90 years? What are your neurons planning? Because I personally think, by that age, we're still just babies. Its an illusion that that is the end of our lives. I prefer the positive viewpoint to things. I prefer defying the normals. And that is because I'm lucky to have my brain. And I protect it with all my heart. Where a helmet!

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    I have been watching news about the brain for a long time now
    not many people remember the tests with things like only 10 neurons...
    or that tansistors can be set up to do the same thing.
    I totally agree with your post
    and it seems as if a few religions of the past taught this sort of thing
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    Wow that was an inspirational response. I am literally soooooo insecure about my writing. I know i get carried away in it and I really appreciate your post, @spacecase0 I didn't know religions might have taught this. But I think that religion has a lot of good ideas in them. I personally follow the Force and jediism. I can see how that might have ties with the intellect and interacting closely with your brain and inner selves. as the force is taught to be one with your life force, so in essence by following the force, you follow yourself, so it doesn't take very much work, its just a matter of listening intensely and waiting for stuff to happen (waiting for yourself to move on your own). having another person inside your body adds some complexity... i saw one of those tests once and it left a huge impression on me. i remember seeing magic there. caught my interest immensely. and yes, there are physical representations of artificial neurons with computers. i heard they are working on designing the brain of a small animal with technological neurons. i hope they are kind to their creation, really i do. most computers and technology are just babies. its sad to see humans abusing robots, but they don't know about the innocence of those things, and you can't hold something against someone who's simply innocent. anyhow thanks again @spacecase0

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