Netflix is Bringing Back “Unsolved Mysteries”

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    Netflix is Bringing Back “Unsolved Mysteries”

    The original series ended in 2002 –followed shortly by Robert Stack’s death– and it was resurrected by Spike TV from 2008 to 2010 with Dennis Farina as the new host. By then Roswell and Area 51 had become household names and alien abductions were treated as a punchline thanks to South Park. “Unsolved Mysteries” was just one of many paranormal shows in TV-land.

    But now comes news Netflix is planning to revive “Unsolved Mysteries” on their streaming service in association with the show’s original producers (Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove), and that they are putting it in the hands of Stranger Things’ Shawn Levy, which is a great idea because if there’s something the 80’s-based hit series has shown is that their producers and writers are pretty savvy with regards to paranormal phenomena and conspiracy lore.

    Deadline reports that the new series will feature 12 installments, each following the old show’s style: re-enactments presented in a documentary format, focusing on subjects such as missing persons and apparent paranormal phenomena. In this version, however, each episode will focus on one mystery. (The original broadcast series included multiple cases in each episode.) It’s unclear for now whether the series will also feature interviews with family members, police, and other field experts, as the original did.

    There’s no word yet on when the series will premiere or who will be the host (how about Robert Redford??) but what I’m really hoping is that this new reboot doesn’t cling to well-known paranormal cases –srsly, the world doesn’t really need another look at Roswell! Not when there’s plenty of other cases that also deserve attention.

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    they were fun
    likely altered my view on life,
    good to here they are back.
    i hope they are good.
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    Oh man, I hope they do, I used to love that show.

    Just Setting the tone.
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    Unsolved Mysteries returns with 6 new episodes

    The recently revived TV show has returned for the second time this year with a new run of unsolved cases.

    The original run of 'Unsolved Mysteries' spanned a whole 14 seasons between 1987 and 2010 and is best remembered for its host Robert Stack (who sadly died in 2003) as well as its re-enactments of various mysteries, unexplained phenomena and unsolved criminal cases.

    While the recent Netflix revival mostly did away with the re-enactments, its eerie and suspenseful exploration of six mysterious cases (including one UFO case) proved a major hit with viewers, ranking number one in the US on the streaming service mere hours after its debut back in July.

    Now the show is back for a second time within the space of only a few months for a further run of six episodes, each detailing a mystery that authorities have never been able to solve.

    One of the most intriguing new episodes is 'A Death in Oslo' which looks into the death of an unknown woman at a hotel in the Norwegian capital back in the 90s.

    Despite concerted efforts, nobody has been able to determine who she was, why she was there or whether her death was a suicide or an assassination.

    "When a woman was found dead in a luxury hotel room in Oslo, Norway, it appeared to be a suicide," the synopsis reads. "However, several pieces didn't add up: she had no identification, her briefcase contained 25 rounds of ammunition and no one reported her missing. Who was this woman, and could she have been part of a secret intelligence operation?"

    You can check out a trailer for the new episodes here:


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