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    It's a pretty wild ride but did think this was a fascinating new interview with long time UFO researcher Stan Gordon.

    He goes into quite some detail about his decades of UFO research, his time with the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh and the findings of scientists, engineers and ex intel/police/military personnel involved in the 'Westmorland County UFO Study Group'.

    Stan does describe some extremely freaky cases from around Pennsylvania (especially during the 1973 wave) and states that many reports involved large, structured objects seen low to the ground, hovering over highways, and pacing cars.

    He also brings up several incidents where UFOs have caused electromagnetic interference effects and mentions how quite a number of close range UFO encounters occur in the vicinity of high energy sources (power stations, high tension power lines, radio communication towers etc.).

    He also brings up quite a few Bigfoot reports.


    From 21:15

    • Also described are a number of 'repeat activity' reports where strange globes of light (of separate colours) keep reappearing in certain areas and did think it sounded quite similar to the late Ted Phillip's research into Marley Woods.

    Here's Stan in a featurette for Seth Breedlove's documentary about strange UFO activity on the Chestnut Ridge:

    Sighting Reports:

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    More below from cryptid researcher Bob Gymlan on the multiple witness UFO case as described by Stan in the interview:

    See 4:00

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