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    New Evidence Suggests North Korea has a Naval Marine Mammal Program

    Evidence is emerging that the North Korean regime is training dolphins for military purposes, according to new satellite imagery.

    While the U.S. Navy pioneered the training of dolphins and other marine mammals for naval purposes and has a program based in San Diego, it’s not a capability most navies can afford. To date, only the Russian Navy, with bases in the Arctic and Black Sea, has followed suit.

    Based on image intelligence, North Korea’s program dates back at least to October 2015. Their first appearance was at the site of a major naval display in Nampo, a naval base and port city on the west coast. The program is likely part of the widespread modernization of the navy that has taken place under North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

    The animal pens were spotted in satellite imagery in the brown waters between a shipyard and a coal loading pier. This location may still be in use intermittently, possibly for training with the naval units based nearby. But the main activity moved to a site further up the river on the edge of town. This base, possibly where the dolphins are bred, began its development in October 2016.

    The U.S. Navy and Russian Navy programs provide a good frame of reference. In America, dolphins and sea lions have been trained. Russia uses Beluga whales, dolphins and seals. The U.S. Navy has deployed them in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. More recently, Russia may have deployed them to the war in Syria. The Beluga whale that turned up in Norway was likely part of the Russian Navy program. What it was doing off the Norwegian coast is open to discussion.

    Comparisons to the marine mammal pens used by the U.S. Navy and Russian Navy suggest that the North Korean pens are sized for dolphins.

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    Don't guess I should be surprised..But the scary part is that this type of program involving dolphins could extend Kim's reach way beyond what it is now...Bears watching by those in high places...He could use dolphins much like the Japanese used Kamikaze pilots in WW2..

    Sounds cruel I know but Kim will take out his own family so a dolphins life won't mean shit to him.
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