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Show us the satellite pics...
UFOs apparently scanning smelters and hanging around mines, happens.
The white light at the front is where the beam came from, I think. The red lights on the "wings"; one of those took off and came back; similar things have also been reported from police on the ground during the triangle sighting wave in Belgium.

Here is the APRO Bulletin with an article on it. Amazing:

"On the evening of October 23rd, 1980, one of the most well-witnessed UFO sightings in history took place in the little mining town of Morenci, Arizona . Located on US 666, it is about 20 miles northeast of Safford, Arizona, which is. on Interstate 10 in southeastern Arizona. Morenci is a typical Arizona copper mining town and the site of two huge copper smelters which are owned and operated by Phelps-Dodge Corporation. APRO's investigator on this case was Jim McCoy who did in-depth interviews with five of the witnesses. There were a host of other witnesses and hopefully they can be interviewed at a later date . However, inasmuch as the five men observed the object at relatively close range, their testimony is central to the facts in the case. Randell Rogers and Larry Mortensen, both employees at Phelps-Dodge, left their work area at 8:55 p.m. to proceed to the lunch area for the evening "break." They entered an open type of vehicle (no cab) and enroute to the lunch area they stopped and picked up Joe Nevarez , Kent David and James Best. (Please see illustrations which accompany theis text.) After starting the vehicle up again, they noticed an object approaching from the north at an altitude of approximately 1500 to 2000 feet and Nevarez exclaimed, " Hey, you guys, look at the flying saucer!" One or two of the others remarked that " it" was just an airplane and laughed. Nevarez then demanded that the vehicle be stopped so that he could get a better look at the object. When the vehicle was brought to a stop and the men looked up, they were amazed to see a boomerangshaped object approaching the north smoke stack of the smelter area at a very low speed which they later told Mr. McCoy that they estimated to be about five miles per hour. When it arrived at a position directly over the north stack, it stopped and hovered for a minute or so, then came straight down vertically to an estimated altitude of about 700 to 1,000 feet , not far above the stack. After a brief period of time a brillant light erupted from the forward apex of the boomerang configuration and shone directly down into the interior of the north smelter stack. The witnesses described this light as brighter than a search light or that of an arc light...."

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And another smelter case:

Chanute Weekly Tribune
(Chanute, Kansas)
27 Apr 1917, Fri • Page 1

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Over a mine in Africa, 1957:

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Todd Feinman

Show us the satellite pics...
Formation of "silvery boomerangs" seen over Moonee Ponds around '34.
Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), Wednesday 13 January 1954, page 10



I found this to be a mighty interesting old case Skepticide. :Thumbsup:


William Mayfield, operator of the Gleeson museum, examines a badly burned rock which was among the burned cactus at the site of the UFO in October, 1968. The rock was too hot to touch even 48-hours after the incident, Mayfield said. He reported a “queer, acid-like smell” after the event. “Nothing like our fuels smell.” Dan Tortorell / Tucson Citizen

Looking down from Brown’s Peak near Gleeson, Ariz., in Oct. 1968. Witnesses alleged several UFO’s hovered over the peak for hours late one night, leaving erratic burn patterns and acid-like smells. “They seemed to back off into the Valley behind the peak,” said Pearl Christiansen.
Pearl Christiansen, 71, of Gleeson, describes a UFO she saw in October 1968: “It looked as though there were a train of lights trailing from one side,” she said. “When I went through another gate, I saw the second object — very shiny and gold. … Once in a while both would glow simultaneously.”

Pearl Christiansen, 71, of Gleeson talks watching a UFO in October, 1968. “I was happily happily excited about the beauty of the thing,” she said. “I never was afraid. I had no fear – just excited.” Dan Tortorell / Tucson Citizen
Pearl Christiansen, 71, of Gleeson talks watching a UFO in October 1968. “There was a red band which turned wine in color, then turned purple,” he told the Tucson Citizen. “Several minutes later it was gold.” Tucson Citizen 1968

Burn site on Brown’s Peak where witnesses saw UFO’s in October, 1968. Strange fires had scorched the parts of the peak. Some observers think that may be “ritualistic” ceremonies done by a nearby “hippie camp.” Dan Tortorell / Tucson Citizen
Gleeson, Arizona, in 1968. The Copper Belle mine supplied copper during WW I. The mines closed in the 1930s and the post office closed in 1939, leaving Gleeson essentially a ghost town. Dan Tortorell / Tucson Citizen
20210228_180845_Raven_Scan (theblackvault.com)

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Glad you like the books.
Grassroots UFOs is very good! iirc, there is a case in there where a woman is in a city and suddenly she is alone and then UFO shows up; I found that pretty interesting.
Similar has been reported many times before.
I have wrestled with ideas as to how they achieve this.

The shadow

The shadow knows!
Do you have any clippings of UFOs hanging around military bases or missile silos? Seems they take an interest in those.

Todd Feinman

Show us the satellite pics...
Do you have any clippings of UFOs hanging around military bases or missile silos? Seems they take an interest in those.
I'll see what I can find! I purposely didn't gather articles on well-known sightings like the Michigan wave or Lonnie Zamora, etc. as they are pretty well known. I think I saw some articles about Malmstrom.. But a lot of it is on Hasting's site probably. I'll see what I can dig up :- )


This one has no date or provenance. What paper did it come from and what was the date.

I did hear a story about white sands. In the 80's when my friend lived in Alamogordo and I lived in Las Cruces we had to travel the road that went through the proving grounds. The roads would sometimes be closed because of testing. Her friend was going to school in Las Cruces and late one night when he was driving home for the weekend he came upon a huge semi truck hauling something in a flat bed being escorted by military. Everything was in blackout, no lights, black vehicles, black uniforms and the item on the flatbed was covered with a black tarp but had a very weird shape. They were very disturbed that this guy was on the road. He must have gone by the road block just before it was set up. He felt threatened and curious to know what was under that tarp and why they were in complete blackout.