Pascagoula interests me

Discussion in 'UFOs & Sightings' started by Lam, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Lam

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    Now I've heard that as recently as last year New info came out about this, one thing being a cop who was involved mentioned that the night of the event there was all kinds of calls about people seeing something in the sky.

    Now I'm not an ETH person. I can't see how this would be an alien encounter yet it's so strange and with the police station tape recording, it seems very believable.

    You guys are pretty well informed here on alien expanse. What do you think happened to these two guys that night?
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  2. Rikki

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    I believe those men were telling the truth. They encountered creatures or robots from another world.
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  3. pigfarmer

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    This is one of those weird ones that doesn't exactly fit the mold, which is why I like it. I remember seeing the sketch of the scary-ass looking alien that grabbed them when I was a little kid and that impression has stayed with me.

    The original secret police recordings are what convinces me. These two obviously went through something and I don't think they were faking it. I couldn't find the link readily this morning but somewhere here in AE there's a thread I linked that audio to. There are no lack of other incidental witnesses including the Coast Guard. This one sound real to me.

    Problem is listening to Calvin Parker these days - he sounds like he's old and is just cashing for his family in while he can.
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  4. Dean

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  5. Lam

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    Awesome, thanks for the info and links guys!

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