Sightings of Large Winged Creatures

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    Sightings of Anomalous Large Winged Creatures Continue

    Many of the sightings happened in the Chicago area, where residents reported sightings of a large birdlike animal flying around the Windy City.

    Of course, many of those sightings happened to coincide with the release of a documentary profiling the “Chicago Mothman,” so take them for what you will.

    Nevertheless, similar sightings have been reported throughout the country as far away as North Carolina. Now, reports of a strangely similar-sounding creature spotted in Alaska has some cryptozoologists wondering if something truly anomalous is flapping around overhead.


    The sighting reportedly happened in the Mendenhall Valley of Juneau, Alaska. The animal (or whatever it was) was first reported to the “Juneau Community Collective” Facebook group.

    Eyewitness Tabitha Bauer claimed she saw a massive winged beast overhead far too large to be any native animal – or at least any we know about:

    Bauer added that she knows “it sounds nuts” but seems convinced that she saw the massive winged creature. According to online newspaper Juneau Empire, this isn’t the first time such animals have been spotted in the area.

    Of course, wildlife experts believe that these sightings are actually just large eagles, albatrosses, or other native birds and that eyewitnesses are merely misjudging the birds’ sizes.

    Similarly, biologists in North Carolina suggested that the creatures seen there were likely great blue herons.

    Could people’s eyesight throughout the country be getting worse, or is something weird stalking the skies? Bird-shaped drones? Pterosaurs that thawed from melting polar ice caps? Or, more likely, just some large birds and a case of the ol’ collective obsessional behavior?
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    There's been so many of these sightings of large birds lately...
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    There is a big bird cryptid supposedly in my area. I've never seen it though. It's called "The Awful". Not much information I can get on it other than this.

    An Awful Monster
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    Don't know what to think of the reports.

    But there will be genetic outliers and my best theory is occasionally one of the larger birds has a growth hormone issue and ends up 20-50% larger than normal.

    Turning a 10 foot wingspan into a 15 foot wingspan does make for something to write home about.
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    There were apparently, at some point years ago, "Mothman" sightings in Massachusetts and other New England states... however, Loren Coleman chocked it up to be potential thunderbirds sightings, as the Algonquin and Abenaki tribes feared them all the way up to the coast of Maine... this says the two are pretty identical, but I have to disagree based off of the actual believable testimonies about both creatures...

    Mothman in Massachusetts?
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    This is my favourite image of what a truly terrifying 'Thunderbird' would look like... it's a Quetzalcoatlus Northropi model next to a 1.8m man. The largest known flying animal to ever exist. And would truly signify a change of underwear time for anyone that chanced upon it! :( ... but of course it has been extinct for about 65 million years and is highly unlikely to be the 'giant flying creatures' that have been periodically reported for hundreds of years.
    I say highly unlikely [imo] because just like most of the prehistoric creatures that we proudly parade from often-times the flimsiest of fragmentary-fossilised-bone-samples there isn't really any solid evidence of the exact form and dimensions that these creatures had in real life... in other words it's 'best-guess' derived by the bone fragments and the paleontologist's expertise. Some will be spot on, and some will no doubt be a long way of the mark, and unless we somehow invent that 'impossible' time machine... then we'll never really know and just have to be satisfied with relying of the skill of the 'bone-boffins'. ... However, even so in this case, the various variance in sizes involved with this little 'flying-nightmare' are arbitrary as pertaining whether the Quetzalcoatlus Northropi could be that elusive flying monster in many of those 'Thunderbird reports' ,which there have been a multitude of that have come from many seemingly respectable and sober sources for a couple of centuries 'at least'... because the figures range from an absolute whopping 68.9ft wingspan down to a paltry 36ft. [titch!] and thereby easily satisfying the size criterion of being titled 'Thunderbird'. .. And although there are other pterosaurs that could fit the bill [pun intended] this 'big-daddy of flying creatures is the most magical thought food in this genre of the unexplained.
    ... But then no matter the exact identification of any hitherto-extinct-aerial-monster, the basic denial facts apply! ... Where do they live?... why hasn't their nests been reliably reported?... where are the corpses? ... where are all of their massive eggshells? ... are they so few in number that they only have a meagre number of nests/lofts/abodes that they can have continuously covertly occupied for millions of years ... so remote that man has never chanced upon them throughout their own evolution or even what we consider to be recorded history?... and why would they have felt the need for such obsequious furtiveness? ... when it has only been a mere century or two that mankind has developed any real defence against their massive arsenal of physical destruction. Until the invention of serious firepower it would have been relatively like 'shelling peas' for one of these behemothic flyers to simply swoop down and greedily much any number of human beings in any crowd, anywhere without fear of serious reprisal!.. but do we have reams of text describing such daily encounters as matter-of-fact from the old scribes?... No! ... which would imply that frustrating-covertness and man's defence advances have no reciprocity at all. ... So what is making them so shy? ... and where are the skeletons, shells, nests etc?
    And even if not some surviving prehistoric variant of a known pterosaur , and it turns out to be some kind of unrecorded giant flying bird that has evolved and developed over the ages alongside man's evolution, and has indeed been a true master of evasiveness over the many millennia and has been cohabitating on this planet with us, then the aforementioned catechisms apply! ... Where?, When?, How? [and wtf?]
    These simple questions that seem to defy any reasonable explanation put me in the non-believer class on this subject, which is sad for me as I do have a seriously adventurous heart and a penchant for the remarkable expectation of unknown wonderment in this otherwise unadventurous world... but I take solace in the prospect of there being many wonderous fellow inhabitants yet to be discovered living right here on Earth. There are undiscovered species of fauna and flora discovered everyday .. for instance there has been a new species of primate discovered that lives on Mount Popa in Myanmar that I read about just yesterday, and has been officially crowned as "The Popa langur"! ... not a massive 'flying-terror' I grant you, but nevertheless proof that we do not know everything about the animal population of this world. [can't wait for the sea serpents to become reality]
    ... But this is just an unsolicited digression from the point of the thread, so apologies my friend and i'll get back on track by saying that although I suspect the identity of the creatures that prompted these extraordinary reports are much more prosaic than the general speculation of others that are equal or even more fascinated by these reports tend to be... and that I believe that what is being witnessed by the 'reporters' are various oversized known bird species. There are 'freakishly-sized-examples' of most [if not all] animals known to man. [Robert Pershing Wadlow springs to mind.]
    ... I also freely admit to having no 'special-knowledge' on this matter and could well be proven wrong at any moment [fingers crossed :p] and have absolutely loved reading these accounts for years and years, and will continue to imagine the possibilities with awe till the day that 'I slip off the roof' [as my grandpa used to say lol] ... I have gotten my reading materials through books and magazine articles for most of my life, but since I joined the 'young-uns' on the interweb just over ten years or so ago , the amount of information that can be gleaned freely and easily has blown my mind ... but I have to say that I do still love the classics ... Sanderson, Heuvelmans, Swords etc.
    ... Here's a couple of links to a few 'Thunderbird Stories' that you might not have come across mate...
    The Big Study: Down in the Cryptodumps, part four: Stuff Flying Around With Wings.
    Malcolm's Musings: Anomalies: Mysterious Big Birds
    ... and i'll leave you with this picture whish is supposed to be "the only known authentic photo" of .. [​IMG]
    ... just looks like any other eagle photo to me ... but who knows?
    Is this a Thunderbird? ~ The Crypto Crew

    Cheers Buddy.
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