Summer 2017 box office revenue was worst in over a decade

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    Summer Box Office Officially Worst in Over a Decade

    There has been a lot of talk about new competition for movie theaters from the likes of Netflix. Also, some people say they're staying away from movies because they've become too political and preachy.

    I think the real problem is that, plain and simple, Hollywood in recent years has been turning out a lot of stinkers that are mediocre at best. Everything I've seen recently seems to be the same dark , edgy, violent genre. :what:

    And then there are so many sequels. I'm sorry but most of the time I watch a sequel I feel like I'm watching the original movie over again with a different cast and a slightly different plot. :Sleep: I'd rather see something new.
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    There wasn't many good movies out around summertime last year either...?

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