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    There is a picture that I was going to show, But when I went to get it, It was so graphic I could barely hold the tears back, So posting it just isn't an option.

    A father and daughter were Drowned at that boarder, Now, I want to make this Clear, It will become more clear as this post continues, This isn't about politics. or walls or Trump or Democrats. I could care less about Any and all politics.

    I'm not being a bleeding heart with this, A father and Daughter were face down dead in the water at the US border. Now, there is a growing number of people dying at the border, I want to say this Not politically, But, Should a nation really have such opposition to others that is so severe that Fathers and five-year-old daughters are found face down in the water Dead? And if you want to argue politics, find someone who cares about that kind of thing. If you want to rationalize this, "Well they took a dangerous Trip and Death was always a possibility, That's their mistake that they made" <-- If you are this person you are trying to justify a thing that should have never happened based on the fact that right now there is political conflict at the border.

    If you walk down the street and see a run-down motel with dead people laying all over the parking lot, you don't rationalize that hey, they made that choice to die there, You Rightfully know something fucked up is going on. Those people were found at the Texas border, The Odd's of them falling face down in the water to die right when they got to their destination is such a retarded assumption That you may as well believe they both died of old age because it was just their time. Something horrible is going on in the world right now, and the fact that some people can justify A father and literal five-year-old baby girl being face down dead in the water at the Texas border is abhorrently offensive to anyone's intelligence.

    I don't just not like Politics, I'm beginning to really really hate politics.

    I say this openly, TO everyone for the world to see, If I knew Who drownd that little girl. That person would belong to me their punishment would be slow and unending...., This is not a joke. The world is so full of hate and ignorance.
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    There is so much wrong with the border issue all the way around. Mexico is first to blame... America’s backwards laws is second.

    There have been people dying in the desert crossings for years... decades...
    trying to escape their country, hoping for something better... and neither side has been able to fix that.

    It is not going to improve, because America, since 9/11 has been in a state of self preservation, and people adopted an every man for himself mentality... most Americans don’t give a flip about their next door neighbors anymore...

    Nothing will fix that... nothing except a new generation that is able to see things differently.
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    Immigration and diversity have been our core strengths for as long as we've been a nation. Difficult to sort our through the veil of prejudice and double standards that have been among our greatest weaknesses.

    That said, lack of consistency and control is at the heart of the problem. Even too much of a good thing can be toxic. People who are drowning can kill a would be rescuer
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    Around the time of us becoming super connected, we lost touch with the neighbourhood and became a paranoid society with a camera for every occasion. I recall you viewing the beheading of a human a few years back and I never understood the want or need to view such a thing. I think you were disturbed afterwards.

    So hard to not look when you pass a bad car accident and what is it we wish to see or is it not wanting to miss out, tea and biscuits with a blanket over the knee ? Or are our eyes set to blood mode, looking for the sign of injury or worse.

    I used to look and when I realised why, I stopped.
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    For me it was the emotional aftermath of WW2 has played a big part.

    A certain mindset that swept across the West. After a fight a person needs to mend a bridge somewhere with someone and this sense carried to the national level equals a more liberal mindset of a nation. In only war can we seem to find a way forward.

    My country England started to take migrants and the scathing shout cheap labour for the rebuild but that is not where it came from. It came from a movement that felt a need to open. It pulses I swear it, we are closing now and a future event will open us again and so on with no end other than our own.

    It's a rhythm and we are the slaves.

    Unless no one is watching and in that case we can have a game footy.

    WW1 Germany won on penalties so I gather. Next day they were killing each other.

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