The Divided State of Europe

Discussion in 'Present & Current Events' started by nivek, Oct 4, 2017.

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    It's an end of season sale effect.

    We are set to be only admitting those with skills or a form of self support. Draws a nice red line under the fact how back in the day when this would have been reported as unfair and racist it is now being seen as fair. Very frustrating as once again it is behing the curve, it seems to be a theme across the globe, just how late we react to an array of topics. Lately I've been all over the country, to all the major covid hot spots and dwelled there. Many more people of colour than I had imagined and many many more Eastern Europeans.

    I trend I noticed in all cities was male Asian/Arabic men not wearing masks where they should be. With quite a few living with multi generations in the same house what chance do they have. Did anything come from the investigation as to why it seemed that minorities had a higher fatality rate ?

    It's lip service and laughable in its obviousness.
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