Things or Events That Shaped Your Life

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    I grew up in a small town of less than two thousand people. My father’s family were staunch Roman Catholics. When I was a teen, one thing that surprised and irked me was the parish priest. Every year Father Steve went out and bought himself a new Mercedes vehicle. I was naive I guess and I asked my mother two things. How could a small town priest buy a new car every year? Wasn’t he supposed to take a vow of poverty?

    My Mom promptly told me to shut my mouth. I guess this is one reason I am not a member of any organized religion these days. I did find out that Father Steve’s family came from money. This family owned orchards that grew grapes. They would sell the grapes to companies like Welchs. Also, not only did the good parish priest buy yearly Mercedes, he also owned a small plane which he flew on weekends. Not a bad gig at all.

    The good Father also had a live in housekeeper. Back then I would hear the tongues wag about that as well.
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    I've been all over North and South America in my travels and one of the most important time/location was a trip to Canada in the 90s...The right time and the right place...

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