U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-Co.) says "our guys are seeing unidentified stuff..."

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    U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-Co.), who is running for president, visited the staff of the Conway Daily Sun, a newspaper published in northern New Hampshire, on Dec. 9, 2019. Asked by reporter Daymond Steer about Navy pilot sightings of UAPs, Bennet -- who is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee -- said:

    Let me say it this way. I have to be extremely careful because I am on the Intelligence Committee. So nothing that I’m saying has anything to do with anything I’ve learned on the Intelligence Committee. Our guys are seeing unidentified stuff. They don't know what it is. And I don't know what it is. I don't think they're saying that it's necessarily things from outer space, but it's unexplained stuff, that’s off the southeast coast of the United States, and off the California coast. Don't know what it is. . . . We're trying to learn more about it. The Air Force is trying to learn more about it.​

    You will note that Bennet took pains to say that this public answer was not based on information learned as a member of the Intelligence Committee -- which is to say, classified information. However, presumably he would not have said these things, if he already had received classified information that falsified them.

    I believe that Bennet probably misspoke when he said "Air Force" -- I think he meant "Navy."

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    I'm glad that the government and military seem to be getting a little more honest, at least saying "our personnel have seen some weird stuff that can't be explained. So, we are studying it." You know, like they did in the 1950's. Before they embraced the moronic stance of "our nuclear weapons have been shut down by mysterious aircraft, but the Condon Report said there is nothing to it so we will just leave it at that."
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