UFOs over Australia.

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    Good thread mate - Australia truly has experienced some freaky UFO activity over the years and always been pretty fascinated by this one:

    Keith Basterfield's updated catalogue of 'The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports' (sourced from books, journals, Australian government files, FOIA requests etc..) is also a pretty fascinating read and contains plenty of strange UFO accounts dating as far back as the 18th/19th century.

    As the author states below some of the reports 'may yet be determined to have conventional explanations' but there are quite a few compelling historical pilot sightings describing 'disc shaped objects' as well as vehicle interference cases, physical trace cases and occupant reports.

    Also listed are incidents taken from Bill Chalker's chapter “The Australian Military and the Official Government Response” in book 'UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry'.

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