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    I haven't posted for a long time, so I might as well post something really Earth shaking.

    "Almost free energy" is just around the corner. Basically it's harvesting of electro-magnetic oscillations from environment including all the thermal energy. This is not just harvesting radio waves from radio and TV stations. Basically it's thermionics, which had been scientifically recognized since 19th century. Even Edison was working with it. Thermionics was widely used to power cathode ray tubes. Scientific principles behind it were accepted 150 years ago, but technology reached thermal noise levels only few years back.

    please jump to 23:30

    Practically, there is a factory built in India that will manufacture this environmental harvesting technology. This will replace all forms of electrical batteries and make devices like mobile phones to run for years before thermionic harvesting devices depleting themselves.

    Maybe this is a source of energy that UFOs are using to fly for hours without refueling. It was mentioned in the video that thermionic energy harvesting would work in outer space. Even though outer space is only 2-3ºK?

    My understanding of it is limited, but apparently it works similar to solar panels only on much shorter wavelength. Basically thermal noise is a form of AC, that gets harvested with equivalent of a rectifying diode bridge circuits that turns AC into DC. Trick was to do it at extremely short wavelengths that make thermal noise and diodes need to be same size as the wavelength. That's why it took so long.
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    One can only hope, since the governments of the world have been hitting their heads to the stone once again in climate meetings, and unsurprisingly not much was accomplished. We need solutions.
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    I'll be long dead by then.
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