What's next for ACA Healthcare in the US?

Discussion in 'Present & Current Events' started by Sheltie, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Trump's move will lead to higher premiums for middle class consumers he's vowed to protect

    I buy healthcare through the Affordable Care Act Market. I supported it when Obama was president. For just $150 per month I'm receiving catastrophic healthcare insurance. I'm a very healthy person so this is the right policy for me. I don't mind the risk that I could someday be stuck with a high deductible payment for a doctor's visit.

    Recently I've begun hearing commentators on the news say that people like me are one of the reasons the ACA is failing -- because we're buying basic coverage instead of some ridiculous, expensive comprehensive plans that we don't need. I'm buying what's right for me because the US is a free market nation!

    Now Trump is trying to stop the Fed from supporting the insurance companies that are participating in the ACA marketplace. I'm not a health insurance expert so I have no clue what any of this means. All I know is that the insurance companies seem to be hellbent on raising their rates and the politicians seem to be only too glad to keep, and probably raise significantly, the personal mandate penalty for people who don't buy insurance.

    I am now convinced that instead of having millions of people who cannot afford health insurance, we're going to soon end up with millions of people who cannot afford health insurance and who cannot afford the personal mandate penalty. The politicians have only made things much worse! :mad8::mad8::mad8::mad8::mad8::mad8::mad8::mad8:
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  2. Fen Star

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    It may have it's faults but thank god we have the NHS here in the UK. $150 dollar a month just in case you're ill is extortion, and maybe it won't cover you if you are ill is bloody terrible...:eek:
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    You should do more research into Obamacare because if left alone it would collapse on it own in a far worst way, it's nothing more than a pyramid scheme...Premiums are already going through the roof and millions are already losing or on the verge of losing their health insurance...Many major insurance agencies have or are pulling out of the exchanges, the next thing to go is probably the personal mandate, the government should not be able to force people to have insurance...
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    Your not wrong Fen, we have a lot to be thankful for with the NHS, a full health service for EVERYONE, regardless of wether they can afford it or not is a necessity and a basic human right. I dont mind my national insurance contribution, or paying just £10.40 for multiple expensive meds a month. Anyone who says it should be privatised is a fool to themselves.

    My wife was a HCA for years, and has now progressed to nearly qualify as a Nursing Associate so see's the inside picture. These people that work there (except maybe the managers ha) need double pay!
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  5. Dr_Doom

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    And just a word from the front.

    That turkey Jeremy Hunt is deciding wether to trial a system that stops all walk in A+E patients, they will have to phone 111 first. This is over the busy winter periods. My wifes hospital ( a big new one in the midlands) is mostly on black alert as it is.

    He's a fecking clown.

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