WHO / CDC And The Rockefellers.

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    Didn't really know in which forum to put this so please feel free to move.

    Keep seeing the corporate media lauding the 'objective' and impartial' advice of groups like the CDC and the WHO but extremely serious questions (and facts) have been raised about the background, corporate funding and agendas of these organizations.

    Following on from the claims made here..

    .and amidst claims of undisclosed civil contracts and operating outside constitutional law, turns out the Centre For Disease Control is not exclusively government controlled and does receive private funding through its 5013c foundation listed on the Dun & Bradstreet database - apparently 'almost all the top donors are vax producers' and it has a private lobbying arm that financially motivates politicians.

    Call me cynical but when it comes to claims of protecting public health then I suppose this raises obvious questions about credibilty, collusion and 'for profit' agendas - especially considering the CDC's alignment with pharmaceutical cartels.

    From what I've read the Rockefeller Family play a huge role and are involved in the formation, backing and/or potential control of everything from AMA, FDA, CDC and WHO right through to Monsanto and the Bildeberg Steering Committee.

    • Do find it interesting that there's never any mention of these guys on the MSM - are there any investigative journalists actually left or is it now all just 'public relations'?


    : • WHO: Apparently the Rockefellers 'profoundly shaped WHO and maintain long and complex relations with it'.

    • Pharmaceutical / financial interest:

    • Good vid from 'The Corbert Report' exploring how the Rockefellers operate within medicine (and their funding of Eugenic ideologies).

    • Media / academic censorship

    • Also thought the presentation about Rockefeller motivations was quite a fascinating one (disturbing endgame though) and basically charts their use of financial coercion and board member insertion in order to steer policy towards a specific long term objective.

    • Bill Gates:

    When it comes to cousin Bill (father also heavily involved in Eugenics) then suppose it's relevant that he's now the worlds biggest WHO contributor - also serious concerns raised over his 'distortion of research priorities' and his money 'serving as a Trojan horse for corporate interests' - some relevant and rather disturbing info here about past vaccinations activities.

    • Also, when it comes to buying claims of 'corporate philanthropy', there's a good analysis in this vid of inherent 'corporate psychopathy'.


    • Conspiracy theory:

    Corporate media claims of 'fact checking' just word play using semantics and technicalities.

    Aaron Russo's last interview - Rockefeller informed him a long time ago about plans for global technocratic enslavement:

    See 29:50

    Relevant quote:


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