Woonsocket saucers with Cocoyoc and Yorba Linda modules

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    Hello all,
    I wanted to have a dedicated thread for this for folks in the future. I have been trying to get people to pay attention to this discovery, as it is quite amazing.

    The Yorba Linda object can be seen within the first saucer Trudel took a picture of, while the Cocoyoc object can be seen within the second saucer that Harold Trudel took a picture of. Here is a diagram of it:


    Here you can see the first saucer with the Yorba Linda module in the middle of it, legs folded beneath in the little bump at bottom. A damning bit of evidence is when Trudel mentions he sees it extend an "antennae" from the bottom toward the lines below:


    And the Yorba Linda object --also near lines! and at exact same cant to horizon, too :)


    Now for the really startling one. All I did was scale the Cocoyoc object's dome portion with Photoshop to size of pic of Trudel's saucer. Perfect fit. AND, in one of Trudel's pics, most damningly, you can see the ends of the programmable matter arms of the Cocoyoc object sticking out through the ports in the saucer (circled in orange):

    There is no question about it.

    Here, you will see that the saucer portion of the second saucer is not round, it's a HEPTAGON!


    Why? Because the Cocoyoc object has seven "arms"... There is no way all of these details would fit together so perfectly by chance.

    These modules cpuld act as liners, and independent programmable matter modules -the first meant to explore ocean, while the Cocoyoc module meant to fly in atmosphere and over land.

    A little more digging and might have found the first saucer with the capsule out at Vaucluse
    1965: UFO on Australian Vaucluse Beach - Think AboutIt


    I've been in touch with Trudel's Grand-niece. She was blown away by all of this.

    Where Trudel took pics (she verified!):


    I suspect the Roswell material was from such a module, as is the metamaterials we aren't allowed to see.

    Hard to UNSEE all of this eh?! o_O There are also other accounts of the middle portions of saucers moving independently. It is an excellent design for planetary exploration, too:

    I suspect the material mentioned bu McLoughlin here:
    Is the same material the Cocotoc module is made of, and the Roswell stuff. Programmable matter liner inside saucer portion can function on its own, for long distance travel, integrates with saucer.

    Nasa and their latest Cocoyoc-like ideas:


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    I want to make this a bit clearer with more explanation, as it is a bit confusing without close scrutiny:

    1. The Cocoyoc object has seven arms:

    (From Ufologie, Patrick Gross)
    UFOs at close sight: home page.

    2. The saucer portion of the second Woonsocket saucer is seen to have seven vertices;
    it is a heptagon:


    3. I've done a little drawing of the pic of the saucer from below with a bit of exaggeration,
    to show what I mean:
    Original photo:

    4. Here is a pic of the bottom of the first saucer, and you will notice the saucer is round, as the legs on the Yorba Linda object are positoned BELOW it:

    5. And here is the ONE pic, where the ends of the arms protrude through the vertices of the heptagonal saucer.
    WHY would Trudel show them as out in only one picture, suggesting they are TWO objects? They are retracted in all of the other photos...

    1. Woonsocket photo
    2. Dome portion of Cocoyoc scaled to size
    3. Cocoyoc object (module)
    Original photo:

    6. The FIRST saucer:
    "The photographer had noted an “antenna” protruding from the central lower portion of the object, but upon later questioning, he said that he did not at any time, see the “antenna” come into contact with the power lines."

    7. The Yorba Linda module out of Trudel's saucer, also (not surprisingly) hovering near power lines at exact same cant and attitude as when it was in saucer portion (saucers can fly independently, 2 in 1, perfect design on all counts!):
    14_p07 (1).jpg


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    Now that everything is coming out, , Roswell, etc. etc. Metamaterials, ad nauseum..
    My bet is that what the US government has and might possibly, eventually, perhaps, produce an old picture of what they have. I suspect it will show a 20' -30' saucer with an opening in the center. Next to it will be stacked scraps of the programmable matter material that the Cocoyoc module is also made out of; this is the material that many UFOs are made from, from the Sternenschiff of 1851, to the stuff from Roswell (Perhaps the module / liner portion of the saucer exploded and the saucer portion continued for a bit). This would be why NASA cutting edge research is on soft robotic for space exploration and morphing vehicles; all easy to google. I suspect that some of this material is what is being held in private hands like Bigelow Aerospace, etc.

    ("...a lot of people would like to see It")
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    I bet that the stuff @Paul Dean has quite a lot to do with recent the DoD interest in UAPs and ET is a long second.
    Look at it this way - imagine the headache if you're the poor schmuck that actually finds solid evidence of some truly alien contraption. It would be simpler if it were the Chinese finding nefarious uses for COTS UAS.

    Gawd, I have to wonder if that's already happened.
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    I was looking around at soft robotics and plasma thrusters and the Cocoyoc object, and was wondering about its balloon-like shape, and it occurred to me that perhaps it was taking in air through the ends of the appendages that poke through the saucer portion, and perhaps it was using the atmosphere to propel itself when free of the saucer portion. I don't know, just speculation.
    BionicSoftArm | Festo Corporate
    New soft robots really suck: Vacuum-powered systems empower diverse capabilities
    air plasma propulsion - Google Search

    Plasma propulsion could eventually become effective and useful for higher altitude aviation, airships and eventually space access – NextBigFuture.com

    With a super-strong, super-light programmable-matter fabric hull....
    And the saucer portion to get it here..
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    I have wondered if there are really (ET origin) materials, 'metamaterials' in the possession of any governments or organizations like TTSA, this would definitely imply there have been alien space craft which have crashed on earth, or we (earthlings) have shot an alien space craft down, (I doubt any advanced alien species would hand over their technology to us), either way, recovering pieces of the wreckage and figuring out what those alloys are...I do believe there have been wrecked alien craft and its likely someone somewhere on earth is figuring this stuff out and how to make it for ourselves, TTSA may have metamaterials of alien origin, the US government also may have some, if there is wreckage there are likely to be fragments salvaged, possibly even bodies or body parts of the occupants...

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    I don't know about humanoid reports; the only theories I have for those reports and their diversity are pretty far out, and I have never experienced humanoids myself (just library patrons :) , so I refrained from looking into them. I would say that in all of the reports in the old newspapers there are very few to no reports of occupants as reported in later times as grays, etc., just sightings devices as we encountering now, for example, from 1906 at the height of the airship wave; it's just like the large object seen at Malmstrom on latest episode of Unidentified:

    Kansas City, 1897, iirc:

    There was an amazing article that hadn't been seen before about an "object" dressed in white that terrorized a bunch of folks and their horses in 1871:

    And the Sternenschiff:

    And in Florence in 1954:
    The day UFOs stopped play

    And SO many more reports here:
    Historic UFO Encounters: Newspaper Articles

    Are all basically describing the same sorts of objects, made out of the same materials. "Metamaterials" just meaning a bunch of diverse materials engineered to work together for amazing effect. I think the best way to describe the material many of these objects are made out of is "Programmable Matter":
    Programmable matter - Wikipedia
    And some of the smaller objects represent Von Neumann-type devices;
    Self-replicating spacecraft - Wikipedia

    Farmington NM 1950

    Much of the technology is hanging out in the oceans, having arrived long ago. And many sightings over land are from objects coming out of oceans, etc. You see it over and over again in the articles:

    Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Monday 17 February 1947, page 2
    National Library of Australia


    A lot of it is hanging out cloaked in our airspace --which would be frightening for many people if it was widely known.
    These devices have scoped out our military installations over and over again; we know what they are just not where they are from. And they appear to be preparing to prevent a catastrophic nuclear war.


    Everything is clear, if you just read all of the articles here:
    Historic UFO Encounters: Newspaper Articles

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    I still think this is on of the more important and revealing bit of alien technology. There was no reason for Trudel to have the ends of those arms extending from the saucer in that one pic. Skeptics have suggested that the Cocoyoc object is a spiky balloon, but it only very superficially resembles that shape in the way some UFOs are blimp shaped, but that is all. It doesn't fly like a balloon and is too big, etc. etc. It fits perfectly into the Woonsocket saucer as does the Yorba Linda object into the first saucer that Trudel saw. It all fits together.
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