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    Stereotyping is one of the worst mindsets we can put ourselves in. I say this because, After a while, people build up an image, a reputation, and that in a great many ways limits that person.

    It's like, Oh my gosh Shadow, You can't major in physics and mathematics and still yet believe in God.
    To those people I say, You can look at the universe with the intellect of a genius clinically, but you still can't disprove God. Insert a witty line about intelligent design an move on. people expect certain people to remain aligned with their, place, Their program, and if people deviate from that protocol, well then something is wrong.

    I tell you, This is coming from a man who has for literal years shown you the depths of his understanding and the width of his grasp, I've had experiences you know. That is to say clearly, I don't need proof to know there is something "Really" going on out there, I've lived a long life.

    I mean, We have videos released from the pentagon of navy jets, literally chasing down unidentified flying objects. But some people need more proof.

    That's why people tend to remain silent you know. I am,, Shadowprophet, I am the science crazed nomad who is too in touch with his self-reflections. Why should someone take anything I say seriously...

    But it's not just that, It's like, Why would someone want to put themselves out there? You know? Because, It doesn't matter if people believe it or not, Because, I was there, I don't need the proof, I've seen it.

    Life is weird.

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    Great post!
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    I think there is a lot of stereotyping and narrow mindedness going on today in society. I believe most Americans, for instance, are actually very moderate and agreeable politically but there are extremists on both sides pigeonholing us as some specific tribalized type. There are no longer shades of grey in society. It's very frustrating.
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