10 insanely stunning Miss Universe costumes

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    10 insanely stunning Miss Universe costumes that we can’t stop looking at

    Scarlet Meyer
    Hello GigglesJan 28, 2017, 3:40 PM

    1. Miss Vietnam wearing this crazily intricate woven basket costume!

    miss philipines

    It’s so pretty, but how is she walking around and smiling while wearing that? We want to know!

    2. Miss Malaysia rocking this seriously futurist look!

    miss malaysia

    We didn’t know we wanted to shoulder spikes shaped like famous architecture on our dresses, but that’s now all we can think about! Also we’re loving her shades!

    3. Miss Venezuela in this incredibly flowy blue and white gown!

    miss venezuela

    She looks like a flower in the best way possible! And she gets to hold scepters! So cool!

    4. Miss Colombia accessorizing to match her country’s flag!

    miss colombia

    Her gold dress is so pretty, but the fact her headdress and necklaces perfectly match the Colombian flag (which she is carrying) totally steals the show!

    5. Miss British Virgin Islands looks like a total sun goddess!

    Miss British Virgin Islands

    We are so in love with the blue of her dress and the yellow headdress she’s wearing!

    6. Miss Cayman Islands looks incredible in this wave dress!

    Miss Cayman Islands

    We love how it opens in the front, and her tiara and pose make her look like a total queen!

    7. Miss Ecuador is wearing a beautiful winged dress!

    Miss Ecuador

    This is seriously so insane, we love her sleeves, the way the “feathers” look on her dress, and we’re pretty sure she’s carrying a sword!

    8. Miss Curacao looks ready to dance!

    Miss Curacao

    We admire her focus for not twirling around 24/7 in that outfit, because that’s honestly what we’d be doing!

    9. Miss Singapore looks so beautiful and colorful!

    Miss Singapore

    This outfit is so beautiful and incredible, and the pose she strikes makes her look so powerful!

    10. Miss Angola looks like an ice queen!

    Miss Angola

    We cannot get over how sparkly she is and how beautiful this dress is!

    And the crazy part is, these are just a few! All the contestants rocked seriously stunning, crazy, beautiful looks, and they’re all totally worth checking out! So if you’ve got a moment take a look at some more pictures from the Miss Universe competition and wish all the ladies luck on Sunday when it broadcasts live! They’re all winners in our book!

    10 insanely stunning Miss Universe costumes that we can't stop looking at
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    Nice, but this whole vanity run they do with women should stop. I see it every day, while I educate my boys to study and have a career, the girl's mothers are only worried they look pretty in pink clothes, read fairly tales where they can dream of marrying a prince and of being Barbie. It's sad and bad for these girls when they grow up with nothing but finding the 'right' men in their naive heads.
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