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    I can not find the original video, but I've found something similar. I've seen it maybe 8 years ago and vids get removed all the time. Basically, one electrical engineer from US spent his life working on big power station transformers that are sunk in oil (forgot his name). And during his carier, on a few occasions, he noticed some interesting vibrations. When he got retired, he started working on that phenomena. All I remember was that when it worked it was producin cooling effect and transformer/magnets were cold to touch and apparently transformer he made would loose weight.

    Steve Marks TPU

    How does that look like?
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    Oh Man, I can't believe I am seeing this. This is fresh of the press. YouTube's suggestions algoritham is sometimes so spooky.

    A company in Texas recreated Tesla's Wardenclife tower in full size and it has 20 employees developing near field technology.

    A great day for all us Teslonians ;-). 1/2 million view in just a week.

    But as usual, attribution steals from Tesla once more. Here is a short list of technologies and scientific discoveries stolen from Tesla:

    - complete set of devices needed for radio wave transmision and reception, total of 17 patents, stolen by and miss-attributed to Marconi. In 1943 US court rightfully returned ownership to tesla but he already died in powerty.

    - Shuman's resonance. What a joke. Tesla succesfully transmitted EM radio waves around a globe back in 1987 from Colorado Springs, using capacitance of earth and bouncing waves off the ionosphere.

    - final straw: Zenneck surface wave. Tesla was doing that in Colorady Springs laboratory and described them in his fameous notebooks.
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    looked at Steve Marks TPU,
    not enough info to build the thing...
    also plenty of room in the huge lamps to hide batteries. power tests that were done were not long enough to rule out battery power.
    but mostly, just not enough info to try at building one.

    the physical spinning one is the easiest to imagine.
    imagine a ring of magnets with gaps between them, mounted on the edge of a disk that spins, the magnets would be pointed at something like a 45 degree angle toward the spindle, and that is 45 degrees from parallel with the spindle

    I have tried electrically switched, and the magnetic fields don't actually spin... they just get stronger and weaker in place.
    next test will be to use a spinning magnetic field that is just like a 2 phase AC motor, and a DC coil added where the shaft would be if it were a motor, and the DC coil would be pointed on that same axes, but the coil would be more of a cone shaped. The hope is that 2 magnetic fields will integrate and cause a single magnetic field that is spinning and vertically orientated, also with that asymmetrical component without having to build 2 of them
    the problem is detection of the field if it is small. High power magnetic fields mess with electronics. And I don't have a super sensitive electroscope.
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    I was happy when I saw that as well.
    my first thought was to wonder if they are driving then primary with pulsed DC like tesla did
    they will miss the really neat effects if they skip the step of converting to DC.
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    just search YT with "Steve Marks TPU" and you'll find plenty of instruction. In one of the videos an investor takes pliers and rips TPU apart only to find no batteries, caps etc. Nothing just plain sheet of plastic that was used as support for winding coils.

    Check out the list of technologies they stole from Tesla, that I've just added to the report on Texas tower.

    And yeah, YouTube's suggestion algo dug up that video I was talking about initially: Floyd Sweet's Self-Exciting Magnetic Amplifier:

    Please, search YT for "floyd sweet generator" to find more info.
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    I would have taken apart the lamps, not the device.
    or just brought my own lamps and see if it worked with them.
    reason I say this is that he made a point of taking a new bulb out of the package, but did not try to use lamps with no internal volume.
    most videos I have ever seen of people power testing with light bulbs use the simple ceramic light bulb holders screwed down to a board. no switches, no internal volume to hide things in, and you can see where the wires connect. and super easy to change the load level with an array of them. so his lamps are the most suspect.
    he also did not have a separate meter measuring volts and amps at the same time. so it really looks like the lamps had internal batteries.

    he hit lots of buttons on his meter before the measurement, and had it in resistance mode a while before he started. you still can't see if he was even measuring voltage or not.
    was he just nervous pressing buttons ? I have never seen any technician or engeneer do that sort of thing before.

    by the way,
    hard for me to watch youtube
    links in the clear are way easier for me to copy to another device.
    will watch them later tonight.

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