A million plastic bottles a minute

Discussion in 'Present & Current Events' started by nivek, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Standingstones

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    All that plastic will be sitting in a landfill for decades to come. I am betting it will give radioactive waste a run for its money! Just kidding.
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  2. pigfarmer

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    If you ever have the chance to spend time up in the rafters of large warehouses it's common to find a rubbery smelling dusty funk all over everything - from fork lifts and many years. I never thought about cars that way - all that crap has to go somewhere.
  3. JahaRa

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    I have quit using plastic wrap and baggies/zip lock bags in my kitchen, using reusable silicone instead, but I still buy products that come in plastic containers. I found a company that recycles plastics to make their products but you have to pay them to take the plastic. Quite frustrating. Our recycling plant has caught fire a few times so I don't think they have found a way to recycle the plastic since they can't sell it to china anymore. There is a young girl that has started a business, Bring your own bottle, and she sells shampoo and other liquid soaps that you can buy by the ounce and put in your own container. It is a good business model and used to be the norm in co-ops in the 80's.
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