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  1. Wade

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    Has anybody read Nick Redferns book?

    So this has been bothering me for awhile but I didn't want to be all catty about it, but what the hell is with Nick Redfern? That guy has written about everything paranormal under the sun and even more so. It's like he's touched on every conceivable angle under the sun. He does make a living doing this and to make a living you probably have to have quite an output. And then there's his blogs (The Daily Grail and Mysterious Universe) And I believe he's going to be a featured guest on one of those high end cruises in the Caribbean next month ( w/Christopher O'Brien) .

    Several years ago I "latched on" to another what I thought was a rising star in the field, Steph Young who had quite an output early on but has slowed down a bit lately. She is a charming young lady and she's kind of focused in on those drownings of young college age men focusing on Britain, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York. Its a subject that Ian Punnett (The Deacon) used to do a bit on. I guess he's back on C2C but I don't listen to it. At any rate I've pretty much lost interest in her as well now , I find her to be very cloying now. It's as if her and Nick try too hard. Oh well, times change.
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  2. nivek

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    I have lost interest in reading Nick Redfern's blogs and writings, although I used to read from him quite often...I think its a little of both, my perspective ever changing over time and his style and writings seem to have changed over time...On the Mysterious Universe site I've enjoyed reading from Brent Swancer much more lately...

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  3. humanoidlord

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    his blogs are getting boring, less high strangeness and more conspiracy talk

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