Adair's space program greater than Musk, Bezos and Branson's?

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    The man who's around 66-67 right now, claims in these clips, that he's been offered 100 times the budget of NASA to direct his own space program.

    The technology and aims don't fall in line with US, as he's not been given a green light, and had to resort to working with another country (he doesn't name here).

    We know his past claims of hands-on working on Alien Tech at Area51, however this time he brings something different to the table - he proposes - get this - a propulsion system based on using artificially created black holes to contain a nuclear fusion power plant - furthermore, multiple layers of these black holes used to warp space and time to traverse the universe instantly!

    No Element 115.

    No Aliens.

    This is his own innovation and would be man-made.

    If he's telling the truth (video filmed about 1-2 years ago in England), then he should be on some secure island developing this with the funding in first year or two of '5-6" years needed. And his story and program far exceed anything billionaires Musk, Bezos, or the Virgin guy are doing.

    No profit incentive, just needs the funds to do the work. He'd be like Dr Evil but instead Dr Good.

    Kyle (AKA UFO Proof) recently said he's a pathological liar - I disagree - and in fact, he has much more credentials than Bob Lazar and his account (though I believe him also, but he's less credible than Adair). Some of his claims involve ET bases or presence on the Moon, which I think give off Lear/Wilcock/Goode vibes, but I wouldn't package someone of Adair's resume with those guys even though they share this same idea. Either way, it's the least important aspect of Adair's work.

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    Maybe he could team up with Ray Stanford. What a pair they would make, eh?

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