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    What do you think?...

    A Praying Mantis Account - Part I
    A Praying Mantis Accounts - Part II

    My name is Jim. I live in a small town on the outskirts of London. Here's an account that happened to me in April 2001. It's taken me this long to deal with it. I promise to you everything that happened is true.

    I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning to find a tall praying mantis looking being and a cloaked being by the side of my bed. I thought to myself "What crazy dream is this?" The cloaked being looked at me from beneath its hood, revealing its black skin, which appeared leathery and reflecting light much like a beetles skin. I shut my eyes, thinking this must be a realistic dream! But when I re-opened my eyes, the figures were unfortunately still there.

    (Drawings by Jim)
    The cloaked figure looked up to the tall praying mantis type, as if it was confused as to what actions it should take next. The praying mantis turned its head towards the hooded one and made a series of high-pitched clicking sounds. I sensed this was the one in command, possibly the other was some kind of security guard. It's at this point I realized, I'm definitely not dreaming, I can hear them. I couldn't move but my brain went into a deep panic. "OH my god what is going on?" "What are they?" I don't want to look too closely at the mantis, so I just glance at it.

    All I recall was that it was tall. At least 7 foot, it had to bend its neck because of the height of the ceiling. Its head was pointed with large eyes. Its for-arms were extremely long and moved in a jerky fashion. The cloaked figure was closer, crouching by my bed, so I couldn't tell how tall it was, but I could clearly see that it was wearing some kind of overlapping ridged amour? Including a metallic looking breastplate that had a series of circles on it. Its head was dome-like with emotionless facial features. Its eyes were large and surrounded again by detailed ridges. It acted in a way that reminded me of a robot or insect.

    I remember thinking to myself, nobody's going to believe this! A bloody giant sized mantis and medieval-style dressed alien, what the hell is this? Before this incident, although I hadn't see one, I was familiar with the gray types but I had never heard of the praying-mantis types. At this point, the mantis bent its upper body, over my bed and directly above me. In its hand it was holding a long metal object that looked like a needle. A green light shot directly from the needle and into my right eye.

    Maybe it's a laser, I am not sure, but I do know it felt very painful. I could see all the veins from my eye, the same effect you get when an Optician checks your eyes. I screamed but no noise came out. I then felt something stick into my skull! I'm not sure what because by that time I had my eyes closed. I pretended to sleep and went into deep panic! My mind was racing at a million miles per hour. I heard a great whooshing sound and when I next reopened my eyes thankfully they had gone.

    I lay shaking and confused for what seemed like hours and just couldn't return back to sleep. At no time did I feel like they cared about my health or me! They seem to have an insect cold type mentality. I really thought I was going to die. The next day I spent the whole day in bed and felt as if I had been through a major operation. It's very painful to recall and since this incident, I sometimes hear clicking sounds inside my head. I was in shock for a long while afterwards.

    This happens about twice a week (but can stop completely for say a month, if I'm lucky).

    A typical scenario would start with me lying in bed and just as I'm about to fall asleep, I'd hear a high pitched clicking sound inside my head.

    With in a few minutes I'd hear the same sound again but this time it would be INSIDE my bedroom.

    It's like its a warning to 'someone' that I'll soon be asleep, because as soon as I hear it, I know, that with-in the next ten minutes I'll be completely knocked out.

    Before I pass out though, through half shut eyes, I'd see a reddish glow appear on my far wall, followed by shadowy movements of tall figures coming out of the light towards me.

    I always try my best to fight it and stay conscious but it never works and I always lose consciousness.

    The next day I'd feel completely exhausted. My whole body would ache all over as though it had been through a major operation. Sometimes my body would be covered in bruises, like in August 2003 when I woke up to find five separate bruises on the inner thigh of my right leg.

    The bruises made up a wide spreading imprint in the shape of a huge hand. The night before I specifically checked my body for markings (to get one bruise while asleep I'm sure is not unusual but to get five in one night on one leg is).

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    The Tall Praying Mantis Being appears again

    On December the 18th I was staying at my brother's house. He lives a few miles away. I slept in the spare bedroom, which is adjacent to the neighbour's side. The walls are really thin, so thin that you can hear the individual words in the neighbour's conversation. I was so tired; I fell asleep at around 12:30 pm.

    Without any warning I found myself wide-awake and completely unable to move! The clicking sound was continually screeching in my head. I screamed out " AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! What the HELL IS going on!" (And please include every swear word you know). No sound came out from my mouth.

    With every muscle I could muster, I pushed myself up on my side and turned my head to the bottom of the bed.

    Standing before me was a tall Mantis-like being! The same mantis being I had seen before. This wasn't like the short cloaked being I saw before, the terror I felt upon seeing this sight was completely overwhelming. The only way I can describe it is, it feels like waves of fear washing over you.

    I'm having trouble writing this, just recounting it is tough.

    It was wearing a long dark robe. It was about seven plus feet tall and vaguely humanoid-ish. The body was extremely bony and skinny with a long black snake-like neck. It's head was grayish blackish and triangular in shape reminding me of a skull. The eyes were bulbous, black and rounded with a liquid-like appearance. In fact, it seemed to me, everything on the mantis was liquidly looking, like oil shimmering in the sun.

    The arms were extremely long with multiple joints extending out in a messiah pose. The forearms were bent forward longer than the rest of the arm.

    This really is a living nightmare,

    It's the head and arms that give it the appearance of a praying mantis and unlike the first time I met this type of alien, I got a really good look at it, which gave me enough detail to make an image.

    Jim's pencil drawing of Praying Mantis from his encounter on December 18, 2003.

    Jim's colour artwork of Praying Mantis from his encounter on December 18, 2003.

    As soon as it noticed me, the mantis, with extreme speed, extended huge bony legs from beneath its robe and ran directly into and through the wall!

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but it's feet made a clunking sound at it ran across the floor confirming this was a solid object moving through the room!

    As it ran through, I could see a strange red glow where it's body had come in contact with the wall. At the same time, a door to a built in wardrobe on the same wall, rattled loudly as if it was hit by some kind of an energy field.

    All this happened in only a few seconds, maybe even shorter. But I got a damn good look at this thing.

    At this point the neighbour from next door shouted "Oi! What's going on?"

    The way this skeletal alien moved was jerky and fast, like a huge scuttling beetle.

    I was completely speechless; so many mixed emotions came at once; I was in awe, I was tired, shocked, confused and scared but also relieved I wasn't dead. This is how intense these incidents are.

    I mean, it could have easily killed me; nobody would ever know and it's not as if the police are going to find my body and reach the 'logical' conclusion that "yep he was killed by an alien."

    It made me think, "How many people if any, have been killed by aliens?"

    This did not feel like a peaceful encounter, I woke up into a nightmare.

    I checked the time it was roughly 2:45 a.m. As you can imagine, I stayed up for the rest of the night unable to go back to sleep.

    The next day I tried to ask my brother if he noticed anything strange last night? He said he didn't notice anything. I didn't mention the mantis being.

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    That is so scary!
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    Ya know, a long time ago before I was even mildly awake and aware of reality, I was watching TV and maybe it was a news story or something similar to 60 minutes or whatever, but they were at the Bush Ranch in Texas and had walked up to the former President who was in jeans and boots wearing a typical cowboy hat and bent over near a log sort of poking round.

    Well so these guys who were there to talk with him filmed this and asked him what he was looking at. Bush just looked up with a little smile and said: "Bugs, I'm just looking at some bugs."

    OK, well this is all kind of weird if you think about it. Why wouldn't they edit that out? It's funky but it's always stayed with me.
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    Horrified dog food factory worker ‘saw 7ft telepathic alien mantis’ while cycling home

    A cyclist says he fled from an "evil" seven-foot tall telepathic alien mantis and has drawn a picture of the bizarre creature for the Daily Star. Paul Froggatt, 26, likened his terrifying ordeal to a spider eating a fly on a " David Attenborough documentary".

    The shaggy-haired warehouse worker insisted he was not on booze or drugs as he shared his sketch of the ET with the Daily Star. He told of how he fled after stumbling across the creature as he cycled home through woodland in Warwick.

    Paul said: "It sounds crazy but I felt I could sense its feelings towards me and it was just like pure alien hatred. "You know when you're watching a David Attenborough documentary and you see a spider eating a fly and just a malevolent sense of evil?"

    He said he was forced to quit his job after sceptical colleagues dubbed him the "Mantis man of Warwick".

    But Paul added he had been left traumatised and now struggles to sleep after cycling through Oakwood and Blacklow Spinney – shortly after finishing a 12-hour shift shift at a dog food warehouse on July 16 last year.

    He said: "On a Thursday morning at 5am I was cycling home from work and I saw something odd in the sky. It was a glowing orange sphere just hovering on the horizon. "At first I thought it must be Venus or a satellite but it seemed to be much closer than either of these things.

    "I stopped on my way to take some photos – the object looked a fair bit bigger in person than visible in the photos. "This is when the object started to move around and rotate in shape. I could see it was circular with a part sticking out from the main body.

    "When this started I got the chills down my back and felt like there was something wrong here, I hurried on my way home. "As I kept cycling I could swear the object was moving along my course but I just told myself it must be some kind of optical illusion.

    "I entered a wooded area and lost sight of the object through the trees. Usually at this time of morning there is a chorus of bird song and insects but the woods were dead silent."

    He continued: "As I cycled down the path I came around a bend I saw something I will never forget. "Standing a few meters ahead is what I can only describe as a humanoid praying mantis.

    "This thing was at-least 7 foot tall, light green with triangular head and big oval black eyes. It had all the features of a mantis but stood on two legs and had a somehow human like shape about it. "I was completely frozen with fear. For what felt like an age – but was probably only seconds – I stared into this creature's eyes and it stared back.

    "I felt like it could read my mind and I could read its. "My fear was replaced with completely alien thoughts of utter hatred and evil I felt projected from this thing. "I suddenly snapped out of this hypnotic kind of state and it made a step back as if it was gonna pounce on me."



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    Been wondering about these entities for some time now.
    The one drawing does not show extremities that could manipulate controls or build. Makes me wonder about how they got to where they are, that way.
    Perhaps they have a slave species to do ALL their work and building for them. Controlled telepathically.
    If so they might want to be wary of where they tread.
    There are those much more powerful than they.

    Another idea is they are wearing an exosuit.
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    There was a really interesting Joe Rogan podcast a while back. I can't remember who he was talking to but they were discussing disclosure and what it may be that the govt is trying to hide. There has long been speculation that if the US govt were to reveal everything it knows about alien visitations it might freak out the population and create worldwide panic.

    Rogan speculated that perhaps humans are just an agricultural product raised by aliens, such as the mantis people who are apparently at the top of the alien food chain, bred to be harvested for experiments and genetic harvesting. There are some theories about the whole alien hierarchy and their relationship to humans that truly are too dark and disturbing to think about.

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