Alien Photographed in Montana?

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    Alien Photographed in Montana?

    A strange photo from a trailcam in a remote part of Montana shows a bizarre looking being and, by virtue of the location being something of a UFO hot spot, some suspect that the entity could be an alien. The very weird image was reportedly captured by Donald Bromley, who placed several of the devices throughout a wooded area, known as Redgate, near the city of Deer Lodge. According to the man, the devices are equipped with batteries designed to last a year, however the camera that snapped the photo lost all of its power after just two months. When he examined the images that were taken by the trailcam, Bromley could not believe his eyes when he noticed one particularly bizarre picture showed a blurry but distinctly humanoid figure standing in a field

    Although he initially suspected that the interloper was simply a person passing by the camera, Bromley began to have second thoughts when he made a closer examination of the anomalous individual. "The more I look at it was just odd," he mused to a local TV station, "it was out of place and everything just matches the alien persona the bigger bulbous head, you can tell he has no clothes, it's kind of a transparent being." The spot where the picture was taken undoubtedly informed Bromley's opinion as Redgate has a reputation for paranormal activity, including numerous UFO sightings.

    Beyond that, Bromley notes that "to get to that spot publicly, it's miles, literally miles to get there and you probably have to drop 1,000 feet in elevation just to get to that point." As such, he argued that "it's unrealistic" that a random person would happen to be passing through the location. Additionally, he indicated that none of his other cameras captured the 'visitor,' making the photo all the more mysterious.

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  2. Standingstones

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    That “alien” photo could be virtually anything. Try a better focus the next time.
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    That being does not look naked to me. Looks like trousers and a long sleeved dress shirt.

    or maybe it could be one of those weird Aliens that look like wishbones in a sheets.

    I give up on clear pictures. I really think they are able to mess with the camera. Kinda like when they go ghost hunting and if the camera goes out of focus they believe there is a spirit around.
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  4. pigfarmer

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    it might be an illegal alien but it looks human to me
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  5. Rick Hunter

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    Looks kind of like a ghost or shadow person to me.
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  6. The shadow

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    I see something at his waist. A belt? A gun? Looks like some guy walking by.
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