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    This is just a fun thread where one can post an envisioned gadget or idea.
    Give it a name.
    What does it look like.
    What does it do.
    If you can....

    Time/space Phasing unit.
    A small hand held or belt worn device off world travellers use for shifting through the multiverse or to simply shift enough to be unseen and unaffected by normal matter.

    Another small hand held or belt worn device for levitation just above the ground or for travel for long distance.
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  2. Kchoo

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    Rather than the physical being, we are seeing a projection or hologram of the being. The device is a remote control much like we use to control a computer display while giving a lecture, so it can appear, disapear, or appear to float, or appear to whisk or zig about in the sky... as a pointer does when jostling a computer mouse.
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