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Here's something that was highlighted on the Dailymail news website, I think I might buy a jar and try this one...

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, $6.49

This budget-friendly hand cream has earned an impressive 4.5 stars on Amazon. Perfect for winter, it promises to heal, relieve, and repair extremely dry, cracked hands. And thousands of reviewers agree, with customers describing it as a 'blessing', 'magic' and a 'miracle product'.

Amazon's top beauty buys | Daily Mail Online

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This O’Keefe’s really works. I bought the yellow pump bottle for my dry skin. No other creams seem to work for me. This product and the hand cream are the best my wife and I have used by far.


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Amazon and other companies want a constellation of 3,236 satellites.
Amazon Planning 3,236-Satellite Constellation for Internet Connectivity
WASHINGTON — Amazon is joining the list of companies planning a constellation of thousands of satellites for broadband internet connectivity.

The internet shopping giant has asked international spectrum regulators to provide spectrum rights for a constellation of 3,236 satellites.

Amazon hasn’t disclosed who would build the satellites or when they would be launched, and hasn’t yet filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for U.S. market access for the system.

Amazon’s constellation is filed with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) under the name Kuiper Systems. Amazon confirmed its connection to Kuiper Systems in a statement to SpaceNews.

"Project Kuiper is a new initiative to launch a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world," Amazon said. "This is a long-term project that envisions serving tens of millions of people who lack basic access to broadband internet. We look forward to partnering on this initiative with companies that share this common vision."

News of Amazon’s constellation application was first reported by GeekWire.

The Amazon constellation calls for three layers of satellites — 784 in a 590-kilometer orbit, 1,156 in a 630-kilometer orbit, and 1,296 in a 610-kilometer orbit.

Many details about Amazon's proposed constellation remain unknown, such as who would build the satellites and when Amazon hopes to have them in orbit. Amazon has not yet applied with the FCC for permission to serve the U.S. market with the constellation. That application would include more details about the constellation, including how Amazon would deorbit satellites to maintain a sustainable space environment.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also founded the launch company Blue Origin, which is developing a reusable rocket called New Glenn to launch government and commercial satellites. The rocket’s first flight is expected in 2021.

News of Amazon’s ITU filing came the same day as reports that Bezos will retain full ownership of Blue Origin after his divorce. In a statement April 4, MacKenzie Bezos said that her husband will keep his full ownership of the spaceflight company as part of their divorce settlement. Bezos will transfer 25 percent of his existing stake in Amazon to MacKenzie, but keep "sole voting authority" over those shares. Even after the settlement Bezos will remain the wealthiest person in the world, with his remaining Amazon shares worth an estimated $108 billion.


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Jeff Bezos mistress Lauren Sanchez files for divorce
Lauren Sanchez, who was reported to be having an affair with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, filed for divorce Friday, just a day after Bezos and his wife finalized their divorce.

The Los Angeles-based news anchor, 49, and her husband of 14 years, Patrick Whitesell, both filled out the paperwork. The pair will be seeking joint custody of their two children, who are 13 and 11. Sanchez also has an 18-year-old son with former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez.

The pair confirmed that they had already separated at the time the affair between Sanchez and Bezos took place.


Hmm, Okay, He's lost his wife, and now his mistress is leaving him so soon after. Most likely, Because I know how people are, he has shown a moment of weakness to his mistress concerning his wife, "They hate that" Hmm, Possible theories,

Theory 1, He has approached his mistress with a prenup. Now some woman, Simply won't accept such a thing as a prenup because it puts business before love. This could have lead to some sort of dispute.

Theory 2, He has contracted some sort of social disease, "Hep C/ Hiv " these can cause trust issues and separation in relationships."

Theory 3, He's reached a point in his incredible wealth and luxury, that the money and easy access to Batman costumes on Amazon have caused him really take some missteps in the bedroom.

Theory 4, He keeps buying his women Sailor moon outfits and they just can't deal with that kind of crazy, Even for all that money.

Money does drive some people insane. Jaden Smith went to his prom as Batman.
Batman. If there was ever a form of birth control that works forever, It's going to prom as Batman.


You guys probably think I'm joking, But, that's what vast amounts of money will do to some people, They always want to try to acquire those things money can't buy. Now imagine this mental affliction and its ramifications upon someone's partner, So rich, So spoiled. Wanting things money can't buy..

That's exactly what's wrong with Bezos.
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I think his arrogance has grown beyond this planet. Kent Dunn said UPS & FedEx have off world delivery points and they have space cargo craft. Michael Salla wrote the Mars colonies trade with over 900 off world civilizations. Perhaps the Stargate program helped create their customer base. There would be another Amazon for extraterrestrials.


I think his arrogance has grown beyond this planet. Kent Dunn said UPS & FedEx have off world delivery points and they have space cargo craft. Michael Salla wrote the Mars colonies trade with over 900 off world civilizations. Perhaps the Stargate program helped create their customer base. There would be another Amazon for extraterrestrials.
I mean, Lots of people fantasize about having billions of dollars, How their lives would change, What daily adventures they could manufacture with that kind of wealth.

I Think having access to that kind of wealth would change almost anyone, but, Someone like Bezos, Well, we know he wasn't used to this kind of wealth back in the mid '90s, Not to mention, Sure he was wealthy a decade ago, But now, He's a multi-billionaire, He has literally more money than Elon Musk, More money than Trump was demanding for the wall, More money than some nations have in totality.

It does seem his Cheese at some point slid right off his cracker brother.



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Before the settlement he was worth $150 billion.

His wealth pre-settlement would be 94.5 miles high in $100 dollar bills.


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There's a video in the link.
Jeff Bezos rushed by protester on stage while talking about working conditions at Amazon | Daily Mail Online
The woman was first heard heckling Bezos from the middle of the audience during his ‘fireside chat’ on the fourth day of Amazon’s re:MARS conference
  • Bezos was meant to be the headline act of the $2,000 per-head conference, but the protester, from the group Direct Action Everywhere, stole the limelight
  • ‘I’ve been inside Amazon’s chicken farms where animals are criminally abused,’ the woman claimed in front of thousands inside the Aria Resort & Casino
  • She urged Bezos to commit to helping animals as she continued her advance towards him, before being ushered off-stage by four security guards
  • Identified as Priya Sawhney, she tried to 'offer him a flower and [asked] him to speak out against...animal cruelty at an Amazon chicken supplier'


Just received a delivery by Amazon itself.
On a Sunday, no less!
There's more to the story. Approximately 2 hours before the delivery, Amazon posted a map which displayed the location of the driver in relation to my home. It updated every 20 seconds or so, and told me how many stops before he reached me.

I have to admit, it was an impressive operation. Amazon may eventually outgrow the need for outsourcing deliveries altogether.