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Discussion in 'Social Place' started by Shadowprophet, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Today in the news, Trump has pushed and passed a law that allows Hunters to Kill Hibernating bears.
    Now here is the thing. There are events that happened in my life that shaped me into who I am.

    When I was a child. I and my Cousin were out in the woods with his bb gun. I didn't have my Glasses, The only thing I could see was colors and fuzziness. My Cousin who had a bb gun wanted to shoot at things. So he started shooting at this bird. It was a bluebird. It was pretty. I stood there as he shot. He missed every time.

    I laughed. He asked me if I could do any better. I told him, Of course, I could, Knowing I didn't have my glasses on, I was sure there was no way I could hit it. I took Aim, I shoot. And the very moment I pulled the trigger. The bird dropped to the ground. It was the first animal I had ever killed. Come to think Of it, It may be the only animal I ever killed. I felt bad about it honestly, But I didn't say anything. My grandpa who was a Hunter came out to see what we were doing. Now. My grandfather is a hunter. But. he was really old-fashioned. He would only kill what he would eat. When He saw the Bluebird I shot. He was upset, He told us it was a momma bird that had a nest in a nearby tree. He took us and showed us the nest. and I felt even worse. I never meant to even hit the bird. But I killed it. And those baby birds died, as a result, as well. I have always had strong feelings about Hunting. I know some people do that. And that's their right. But getting back on topic. I believe It's wrong to Kill a hibernating bear. Who makes the rights and reasons of the universe anyway? Why is it okay for someone to say. You can kill this animal. I mean, They were born of this earth too. shouldn't animals have basic dignity rights?
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  2. 3FEL9

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    Killed in its sleep. A very *humane* way of doin it. Perhaps thats Trumps prefered modus operandi.
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  3. August

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    That's not very sporting for hunters to take out a bear when he is taking ZZZZZs. Whats next rolling a grenade in there to save ammunition.
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    It might save some incompetent hunters.

    Bears take a dim view of being shot at.

    Getting chewed on by a wild animal is no picnic.
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