Anomalies with Watches & Clocks

Discussion in 'Perceptions & Experiences' started by Toroid, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. michael59

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    I discovered that my "magic" touch doesn't just work on watches. Two weeks ago my mouse died and I had just changed the battery a month prier. So, I gave it a try and did the same thing I do with watches. It worked. As a matter of fact it has been working ever since.

    So, I figured I would give it try with my cordless headphones. There's no batteries involved so, I didn't expect it to work. I don't have any speakers, just the headphones. When I ran out of power in the middle of a movie I thought eh, why not give it a try. It worked. I got to watch the rest of my movie before I had to recharged the headset. :)
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  2. nivek

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    I don't think so, he was outside at the time...

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  3. Toroid

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    The Lacrosse clock in the backyard was an hour slow this morning.
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  4. Rick Hunter

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    My trusty Timex Expedition watch sometimes loses a couple of minutes. It doesn't cause any real problems in my life so I just reset it and roll on. Yesterday, the calendar part suddenly jumped backward a couple of days, however the time was unaffected. I know it's hardly paranormal but weird just the same.
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