Anyone have a small home Music Studio set up?


Fading day by day.
I am trying to set up a bit of a home studio where I live and am struggling a bit on the best way to put it all together. I don't play in a band, can't sing for nuts and my guitar skills are 2 shades above dismal. However I am having a lot of fun.
The only thing is I am struggling on the tetchy side of it all. Which is a bit silly as I am a Tech and Computer Nerd. It is all a bit of a Jigsaw and I just know I am not using it all in the optimal configuration.
Here is What I have...

AudioBox iTwo Studio | PreSonus


Yamaha EMX 660


Boss ME30
Which to be honest I don't really like, no matter what I do it sounds screechy and I can seem to get a Phat sound out of it.

MK-4902 Midi Keyboard (Crappy but then I play Crappy too)
Acoustic Guitar,
Electric guitar,
Bass Guitar,
Mike etc
Midi to USB converter

Numerous computers and Laptops to use.

Software I have Legal Copies of.

Studio One 3
Guitar Rig 5
Reaper V5.4
Korg Synth Simulator with Software Midi.

As i am really not all that happy with the Boss Pedal I would rather use the Guitar Rig Software for the effects. I am not in a band and don't really have any Muso mates anymore.
Ultimately what I hope to achieve is to plod away and create stuff and record some of the songs I have written. Slow and bit by bit in Studio One or Reaper.
However I am getting pretty lost in the best way put it all together.
Anyone got a set up at home, or suggestions on how they would use it all.

I currently sound a bit like this...



oh this is brilliant, Dundee after our little set 2= yes, it's my job
presonus audiobox+ cubase/ guitar rig on a pc is all you'll need mate




Fading day by day.
oh this is brilliant, Dundee after our little set 2= yes, it's my job
presonus audiobox+ cubase/ guitar rig on a pc is all you'll need mate


Thanks notdej,
It is sort of all set up a bit hochpoch at the min, because of that I haven't been getting the most out of it. Was struggling a lot with the software, you have to be a brain surgeon or a sound engineer to get your head round it.
I have always been a headbanger so I am pretty keen to use this, Komplete : Guitar : Rammfire | Products
It is a plugin that can get the Rammstein sound, but as I am not on top of it all yet I have yet to buy it.

The gears a bit spread out at the min. I have the Software and Presonus on my PC, but the amp and pedal and instruments are in another room. I will be putting together another PC to move it all off my main computer and run it in the room with the instruments, only even on my good PC I seem to get a little latency.
I also have an I5 laptop I was thinking about using but not sure if it will be powerful enough.

Like I said, still getting my head round it. Have had the Keyboard using Midi to USB, OK, then using the Korg Legacy Cell software. Awesome range of sounds. But I cant seem to get the Korg output into Studio 1 Or Reaper because of the dumb way I have it set up.

Keyboard Midi Out --->Midi to USB Cable--->[ Software Korg Legacy Cell --->
Software Midi out ---/Breaks here/--->Studio 1 or Reaper
Then over here somewhere is the unused Presonus.

Also I have Latency in Monitor Mode so I can never get the keyboard in time.
I know what I should have is...

SHhould be like this I think
Keyboard Midi Out --->Midi to Midi--->Hardware Korg Legacy Cell --->
Hardware Midi Out--->Presonus Midi to USB--->Studio 1 or Reaper

But who can afford a proper Korg synth, I cant.

So you see my dilemma, Enough knowledge to plug it all in, but not enough to do it right.
Then i have the dilemma of getting my head round Making Guitar Rig work beside it all and then Guitar Rig feeding my effects from the Guitar (Rammfire) into Studio 1 or Reaper, beside the Keyboard and Korg set up above also feeding into Studio 1 or Reaper.
Shit My Brain is hurting just describing it.

If only it was all hardware and patch cords :)
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At Peace.
I have dabbled with pre sonus interface a little, and the software is bit intimidating.

Honestly, until I get better at this, I am staying equipment averse at the moment.

Have been recording tracks on my Android, then laying them into a simple editor.

For vocals, I have used an apple iPhone headset to pc microphone jack.

Good enough to practice my rhythm and harmonization.

If I get serious about recording, I will use a real studio and have them do all the technical work. :Thumbsup: