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    I know this is a topic some people don't really care about, But, I've been Coding for over twenty-five years now, Ever since Boki don made a super Nintendo rom that could play Sega Genesis games. I later Worked at a homebrew development site called DCEMU. It's a passion I've had since before I can honestly remember.

    So, I made a thread about Very Rare Modded Roms about a week ago, I've done some searching and I believe I've found the rarest roms on planet earth for the genesis.

    I needed them for this Thing,


    It has an SD card slot in the back,

    Anyway, A lot of people who haven't been hacking in the homebrew community wouldn't know the Sega Genesis is still Widely supported and Developed for just not on any official capacity, Here are some of the Rarest Sega Genesis Games you can play right now on Any Emulator.

    Fix it Felix Jr.

    This Game Literally never Existed, But was Made for the Movie Wreck-It Ralph, Until someone in the Homebrew community made it happen. It's not very hard to find, But It's worth having in any ironic Rom collection.

    Yoshi In Sonic 2

    This Rom Is Considered to be one of the Finest examples of Homebrew development ever created on the Sega Genesis, Merging Yoshi's Island together with Sonic 2, It's done in an expert fashion. You won't regret playing this one.

    Streets of Rage Looney Tunes Edition,

    This Game is fun from beginning to end, It takes an otherwise boring game that no one liked and Add's some much-needed cartoon comedy, It's very neat.

    Super Mario Bros For the Sega Genesis.

    This Game is exactly what it sounds like, On top of being the Very Rom that Sparked Nintendo to Take piracy down globally, this is probably the rarest rom on the planet period, This Game is a pitch-perfect port of Super Mario Bros on the Sega Genesis.

    These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of ROM hacks on the Sega Genesis. The Snes has ten times as many as the genesis was complicated to hack for without a dev kit.

    If you are into retro Gaming and want these roms and can't find them, Hit me up. I have them.
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