Are UFOs 'Nuts & Bolts' Or Spiritual?

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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    You see.....with respect 'nivek' you know about forums but not enough about people.

    You do not know the difference between a person believing in themselves and an ego.

    Nor do you validate that people are made differently and although race is something that we should shut up about it is only there to stop rioting.

    I am Greek Cypriot, German and Polish and this is a lethal combination of power and pride.

    The Greeks are very proud people and had fought and died for their beliefs.

    Again you do not understand the meaning of belief and how a person can stand up, fall, only to stand up again.

    Think about the Gazza Strip? A useless piece of land that so many people died for. You know why?

    Because both Jews and Muslims regarded it as a gift from God...a worthless piece of land, by which they fought and died for their belief. Okay it is wrong....we know that but this si not ego.

    We get beaten down and we stand back up again because there is this god thing that makes us believe in ourselves, our ways and aspirations that no book or YouTube will teach you.

    Kill the ego and you control the ego and keep the person. Trouble is that you are talking to the wrong person!

    I am a 'sensitive' Sensitivity is what I feel. I can read people as I can read comes about by believing to oneself.

    Making yourself great!

    UFOs use me because of my extraordinary ability. I can do anything I wish. Write poetry when I know nothing about poetry because I am gifted!

    They also train and watch me...but of course you believe nothing of that do you?

    You see my posts how I can turn a storm by the powers of UFOs and you deny your own eyes in favour of what you want to believe.

    I can burn a hole into your monitor from thousands of miles away through thought alone.

    THIS is why I think highly of myself...and I a m sorry if that sounds crazy and no...I do not need a psychiatrist and will take that as an insult as well..

    The power in my finger tips can be awesome but I would never hurt a human being even if I could. are learning about me, as you now can understand why I make enemies.

    I did so on '' eleven years ago and made out to be a fraud, liar and a lunatic.

    They challenged my so called ego and ability and I can tell you that they had never got over me!

    They p*ssed on me and I p*ssed on them from the sky.

    Or perhaps my guardian UFOs did as I got their backing?

    America went black from East to West. All the way from New York to LA. Then they started praying.

    Now...I just walk away.

    They said:- "Do this..or clear off!"

    So I did the impossible as they lost and I won.

    It brought 100% confidence in myself, pride ore even ego.

    I wanted to fail so that I could say that I was wrong and the members were correct. Instead I looked up and thought:- "Wow!"
    Believe what you wish.
  2. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello spacecase0,

    You asked me about my reasoning with regards that I consider UFOs as spiritual.

    1) I get my views from test or theories.

    2) If you had been reading my posts, you would have also seen that all my experiences have been none physical in the sense where I have not had a tactile or solid encounter.

    Spiral UFOs

    This picture is an areal photograph of Larnaka Bay Cyprus. Too high for an aircraft as confirmed a s an areal genuine photograph. Who took the picture and how did they get hold of my camera?

    3) What about the incident on 2013 when I had an abduction in my office at Wollaton?
    How did the craft get into the house as can be heard whirling in the recording on my dictation machine?

    I am carrying on to a new post as I need to post pictures now...
    to be continued
  3. Georgek

    Georgek George



    This is a picture that I took of the sky at night when I had my first UFO experience back in 1965.

    It was like a scene from the film:- "Fire in the Sky"

    I have placed the report here some months back.

    The film looks fogged by radiation. Further research had shown me that the film had been sitting on our mantle piece and stray light had entered the convolutions of film and backing paper as it was loosely wound.

    I had no flash light on the camera . Kodak Brownie Cresta II 120 roll film.

    The burble type object was a complete mystery as we have nothing like it in the house or garden and the camera had not left our property.



    I placed this picture on this forum but no one asked me about the zoom area.

    Here I am zooming into the picture stage by stage


    See anything yet?

    How about now?


    Here we go....two entities (faces) floating above the burble UFO. Entity on the right looking towards second entity front facial/profile

    I would say these entities are spiritual as they would have been floating above?

    My next point, is that their size would be about half of a pin head by the distance looking upward.

    I saw nothing but the radiation seemed to have implanted itself on the film?

    This is not a forgery...the film was developed by Jim Raynor in a government lab.

    He wanted to know what I thought it was? As can be read by his notes.

    This is another reason why I see them as spiritual
  4. Georgek

    Georgek George


    Do not worry offence taken as I know you mean well.
    There is no bad in you. You said what you thought and I respect that.

    I do not understand why you make yourself low? I think you are a very sane individual and decent with it. Be proud of yourself for being who you are. (no.....I don't mean.....:huh8:)

    I do think this is being blown out of proportion though. I said my piece and believe now it should be rested.

    Best regards

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  5. Georgek

    Georgek George

    What Is Self Respect and Why Is It Important?


    It is having an understanding and appreciation of the underlying character traits of one’s True Self—and most importantly—making life choices and decisions from that authentic aspect of a person’s personality. This is very different than relying on one’s ego or False Self persona that serves as a cover to show the world only “the good stuff” of a person’s personality.
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  6. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    This is Why I like you, George, There is a really good person in you, I keep myself low because from the bottom the only way to fall is up. I'll be honest about why I carry myself as I do. I was once a pretty selfish, Arrogant, Cruel and manipulative person. I spent a lifetime having people fawn over how smart I was. It didn't just give me an ego, I was a monster.

    A literal monster.

    I didn't see people as friends, Sometimes I didn't even see them as people, I saw them as control nodes, Something you could make suggestions to and they would break their backs trying to make those things happen. Eventually, a day came when I realized, I had already slept with all my "Friends" wives... The psychological truth was, I was such a terrible person, that even though I realized how terrible I was. I felt nothing... in fact, I had refused to let myself care about people. Oh, shadows, So smart, Oh the state want's to take him away and put him in an optimal environment for gifted children.

    Then One day, For reasons I don't really understand, I could feel things. And It didn't feel good. I've spent a lifetime trying to kill a monster that lives inside me that other people created and forced upon my psyche since I was a child.

    I spend my later years, Feeling the damage Ego had done to me, Feeling all the people I hurt over the years. No matter how someone pays for it, Ego comes at a terrible price. In the end, people don't realize, Power and status are very often completely different things, I've been to the very top. It's so lonely and empty there, I don't fully understand why anyone would ever want to be there. I stay on the bottom, Not for some philosophical reason, or some lesson learned, I stay on the bottom because I belong there, Because at the bottom is where people are that deserve to be cared about, Where people are that need the most help. Ironically, The bottom, Is really the top, If you think about it. And the thing that people think is the Top, That position of power, That Status, that money, Think about what those things do? they are prisons that separate that person from the others.
  7. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    Money, power, Status, Those are concepts society has functioned on since civilization began, But they are outdated concepts that can't grasp, Real power, Real status, are things that money and power and station cannot buy.

    Real power, Is having friends that care about you, That would defend you if need be.

    The path I walk in life now, Tells me, If I want real true power and status, To find a friend, That I would die for. That I would literally risk my own neck for. And then I will have achieved it.
  8. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    In my opinion, spiritual should not need manifest itself as a ufo at all.

    Spirits have no desire to mess with a tape recorder’s wires.

    WHAT you describe. Georgek, is physical... just the perception of it being hard to understand, therefore you default it to something non tech. And apply spiritual as an explaination, but yet spiritual itself is least understood even more than the possibilities others are researching.

    Good prompting, Georgek. You started a nice debate, but you didn’t follow through well on your arguments that spiritual nature makes more sense than a physical one.

    Theoretical physics is fun to think about.

    We know there are physical craft, as Shadow pointed out.

    We have people who were aboard these craft and remember enough to know it is very physical.

    Nuts and bolts, combined with a tech we do not yet understand is the best path for us to follow, because it is the most likely example when you combine everything we know that has been observed in these things.

    Spiritual stuff is just too ‘spooky’ for me... Oh I know it exists, but when we discuss UFO’s we ARE talking nuts and bolts. Really fancy ones at that...

    I think what really matters is, we all want to understand the science of how these things work.
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  9. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    When you replied I was messing around in Camtasia, I wanted to reply But didn't want to stop using Camtasia, I just love messing with that editor. So this happened.

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  10. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Loved your reply.. and the graphic use of me. Lol.

    Yes... the beings on board could be spiritual nautured physical beings... or they could be types of beings that can appear physical, to us... but really aren’t. But I still think of the craft itself as completely nuts and bolts. ;)
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  11. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    I tend to agree, One thing is for certain about these beings, They have supposedly been interacting with us for a very long time, yet we don't know that much about them, So whether our governments are holding information back or not, They themselves are still not being fully transparent with us about themselves or their intentions.
  12. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    With respect, you are completely wrong again...

    You cannot see when an inflated ego promotes a personal belief to a point it becomes personally accepted as fact when in reality its nothing of the sort...

    Useless babble, not relevant to discussion nor is this entire post of yours as you have completely derailed this thread and made it all about you...If that isn't a self absorbed ego at work I do not know what is...


    HAHAHAHA, now that is really funny, please do it right now...Do it now, come on, really, I have to see this...LOL

    Destroy my monitor then, I know you cannot harm me in any way shape or form, but go ahead and take a hit at my monitor, come on, you preached you can do it, so do it....

    Okay, it's spelled 'Yes'...q46
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  13. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    Shows me your knowledge is outdated, keep up with the times George, technology has come a long way since steam power...:Whistle:

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  14. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

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  15. Thomas R. Morrison

    Thomas R. Morrison Meh

    I didn’t insinuate that; I stated it flatly: your own words demonstrate clearly that you know nothing about gravitation. In fact the only thing that you’ve gotten correct on this subject is the rate of gravitational acceleration, and most high school kids know that.

    No I definitely discuss my point, and provide reputable citations to back them up.

    You don’t seem to get how this works George - this is an online discussion forum: here you’re expected to demonstrate your worth by the value of your own words and the validity of your logic. You’ve totally failed to do that.

    The beauty of an online chat forum is that it’s purely democratic – nobody cares how much money you have or how many degrees you have or what family you were born to or what you do for a living: here we all start off on equal footing and the value of your mind is all that matters. If a plumber makes a better argument than a theoretical physicist, then he wins respect. And if an engineer makes demonstrably false statements about something like gravitation, and then professes that his “authority” makes him above error, then people laugh.

    You might be a great engineer; I have no idea. But you know virtually nothing about gravitation, and you clearly know absolutely nothing about the now well-established and rapidly evolving theoretical physics of gravitational field propulsion. You’ve demonstrated that, with your own words. I simply made note of it.

    And as a result of pointing out that simple fact, you’ve spent three days attacking me personally and braying like a mortally wounded jackass simply because some guy on the internet knows more about one highly specialized subject than you do.

    Gtf over yourself already. You’ve derailed this entire thread, and discarded highly credible sources in the area of theoretical physics, apparently because it doesn’t support your ludicrous notion that UFOs are spiritual manifestations of some kind.

    As an engineer, you should be thrilled to learn that there’s a viable engineering solution to the subject of UFO physicality and performance capabilities. Instead you’ve bitched and moaned relentlessly that somebody pointed out your ignorance of a single advanced topic in the field of theoretical physics. Your level of conceit rises to that of psychopathology. If you had even a modicum of humility, you could’ve learned something here, rather than prattling on endlessly about your bloated and bruised ego. That’s on you, not me.

    Your qualifications aren’t worth a bag of shit if you’re wrong. Maybe you did study general relativity (though I doubt it) – but if you did, you didn’t understand it. Anyone with an introductory course under their belt on the subject would know that in GR, gravity is an acceleration field, not a force – and most high school kids can tell you that there’s no “above the earth’s pull” as you've stated here, because the range of gravity is infinite:

    And here you’re making a logical fallacy known as "an appeal to false authority”:
    Computer and engineering studies don't make you an authority on GR. In fact I doubt that you've ever studied the subject at all, because its most fundamental concepts elude you.

    I assume you that you've studied the special theory of relativity, like most college students. But if you've ever studied GR then you've forgotten absolutely everything about it.

    I pointed out that you don't know anything about gravitation, which is true, because it's evident from your own statements on the subject. So that's not an insult; it's a fact. So you're carrying on like a petulant infant because I dared to state an obvious fact.

    Unlike you, George, I claim no authority. I simply convey what I've learned, and provide the citations to support the facts that I share with others so they can follow up on their own.

    When, before this response, did I condemn anyone? Pointing out a factually incorrect statement is not "condemnation." It only seems like that if somebody lacks the humility to accept when they're wrong about something - which appears to be a major problem for you.

    I was simply pointing out the very obvious fact that UFOs/AAVs aren't reaction propulsion devices like rockets or airplanes. They emit no flaming trail of plasma when they accelerate, and they've passed right over people's heads without making a sound or producing any downward air flow. So they're not using the reaction propulsion principle that we use (and that makes sense, because reaction propulsion is unsuitable for reasonably rapid interstellar spaceflight). This has been a defining feature of the phenomenon for decades. There's only one theoretically viable explanation for this - they're gravitational field propulsion devices. Because that's the only form of reactionless propulsion known to mankind.

    The theoretical physics of gravitational field propulsion also neatly explains how a craft can execute acute-angle trajectories at thousands of miles per hour without disintegrating mid-air, and how these craft can arrive from distant star systems in arbitrarily short time frames. You would've known all of this already if you'd set aside your bloated ego for ten minutes to read the Alcubierre paper that I provided earlier, twice.

    I've never offered a YouTube video as a citation; you must be hallucinating. I've provided a published peer-reviewed paper on the subject of gravitational field propulsion, and a link to a Cornell University description of general relativity that explains how gravity is an acceleration field and not a force as you've wrongly insisted.

    I still haven't cited a YouTube link. Don't forget to take your pills George.

    I make lots of points of my own. And I back them up with reputable academic citations. As somebody who worships his engineering degree, I thought you'd appreciate the value of academic citations. Make up your mind.

    You mean "academic citations?" But I thought you claimed to be an "authority" because you have an engineering degree. So which is it - is academic knowledge valuable, or meaningless? I can't tell with you; you're contradicting yourself.

    Yeah but instead of debating a single one of the points I've raised, all you did was bitch and moan because I didn't "respect your authority." That's too bad, this is an interesting subject. But you've turned it into an ego pride fest.

    I pointed out the fact that you know nothing about the theoretical physics of gravitation. Which is true. And for that I'm a "bully?" Get over yourself George - nobody's an expert at everything. Christ.

    No this is definitely ego you're spouting off about. You can deny it until you're blue in the face, but nobody gets this butt-hurt unless they have an ego the size of the Chrysler building.

    If you think that pointing out that there's one highly specialized area of theoretical physics that you know nothing about has destroyed your self-esteem and persona, then you're way too fucking fragile dude. Man up.

    Yeah that's not personal, calling somebody "rabble." Screw you too, George.

    Man, you're obsessed with YouTube. I've never cited a YouTube clip. And I can't tell if you really are deluded about it, or if you're just lying. Neither possibility speaks highly of you though.

    Uhm, no - I speak very clearly and I'm pretty sure that everyone here has understood everything I've said. And if not, I've provided citations so they can look stuff up on their own.

    I just looked up "Directive Manipulation" on Google, and it' not actually a thing. So you're just making shit up.

    So you've stopped learning altogether, then. That's just sad.

    Yeah we have different rules for different people. Nivek never pouts and whines when somebody points out something new to him, so he gets treated with respect. You can't bear the thought of a person online knowing something about a subject that you don't, so people laugh. See how that works?

    Those who can't laugh at themselves are condemned to have others do it for them. I should probably copyright that.

    What is that, like the fourth time you've falsely stated that I've cited YouTube when that never in fact happened? See, if you'd bothered to actually click on the links I provided, you might've avoided this embarrassment.

    No dude, your own statements proved to me that you know nothing about gravitation, so that's just a fact. If you have a problem with it, then that's your problem. Reality isn't obligated to kiss your ass, and neither am I.

    You're not an "authority" here George. If you talk rubbish abut something you don't understand and somebody calls you out on it, you have to live with it. And ideally, learn something new.

    Nivek would never freak out if somebody typed three letters "lol" in his direction. It's called "confidence" - look it up.

    When you don't know what you're talking about and then you freak out when somebody notices - they haven't degraded you - you have.

    I bet I can change that with three letters: lol.

    No, that's called conceit. Respect is something that you earn.

    You made this thread all about you, for the last three days.

    Anyway, UFOs are not "spiritual" in the sense of "paranormal." They appear to the eye, and they reflect radar, so they're physical. That should be obvious but some people struggle with it, which is unfortunate.

    I simply pointed out that you didn't know what you were talking about, and then proved it, and you interpret this as "being bullied," hmm. I wonder how many thousands of words of whining one has to do before it's considered to be abuse.

    If you find the facts that I state to be intimidating, then you should forge a more meaningful relationship with the truth. Just sayin'.

    Recognition in what, engineering? Wtf does that have to do with theoretical physics? Nothing. Your indignation over this is comical and totally absurd.

    Are you still bragging about your irrelevant engineering degree again. Dude - that doesn't make you an expert on general relativity. I doubt that GR is even a required course for an engineer. It's not like going for a physics degree.

    That's not a scientific standard. A personal experience is subject to interpretation - even incorrect interpretation. An empirical standard is therefore a much better basis to form a conclusion. Fortunately a lot of that kind of work has been done on this subject. Dejan has dozens of excellent papers and resources available.

    Bingo: mechanics is based on Newtonian physics, not general relativity. Newtonian mechanics can't explain UFO/AAV performance characteristics, but general relativity can explain it perfectly. That was my entire point from the beginning.

    Sure but when somebody's so full of themselves that they get hysterical for being proven wrong about something, that's kinda funny.

    You know what's funny? I hadn't insulted you when you wrote this; I had simply stated facts. But I'm kinda glad that you started insulting me over it, because now I don't have to use kid gloves on you anymore.

    You being wrong isn't a problem with my attitude.

    I have a point of view based on peer-reviewed and published academic theoretical physics papers and seven decades of credible observations. That's how empirical reasoning works. If you don't believe me look it up. Don't they teach you this kind of stuff in engineering school? Just wondering.

    And I still haven't cited a YouTube video btw.

    Man - you're obsessed with YouTube videos. Still haven't cited one, G.

    No, science actually conveys understanding. Superstition, on the other had - that's a different issue. You're the one arguing for superstition, btw.

    But it's perfectly sensible within the context of general relativity. And this has been known within academic circles for 25 years now.

    Okay I'm honestly trying not to laugh again, because I know how upsetting that is for you. Instead of ignoring the physics, try reading this paper about it - it explains it perfectly:

    "The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity," Alcubierre, 1994

    Fair warning though - you may be the last person on Earth to find out about this paper.

    It's in the paper. If you read it you'll understand how it works.

    It takes energy to accelerate a body, like a rocket, through spacetime. Alcubierre showed that it's possible to place the craft at rest on a flat region of spacetime, and then distort the spacetime around the craft to produce motion. Technically, the craft isn't moving at all with respect to its own local reference frame. So it experiences no g-forces. Therefore it can perform zigzag maneuvers at thousands of miles per hour, and even more impressively - a craft employing this propulsion principle has no upper speed limit...not even the speed of light. That's gravitational field propulsion. It's how UFOs/AAVs work.

    No, it's called "the Alcubierre metric." It's described by this differential geometry equation which is fully consistent with the general theory of relativity:

    ScreenHunter_1235 Jun. 25 07.43.jpg

    Good. Then you should appreciate the significance of that equation.

    There you go with your YouTube fixation again. What is that, nine or ten YouTube references now?

    No I'm sure that nivek knows the difference; he's actually an excellent judge of character. You should try learning from him rather than scolding him.

    And boundless ego, evidently.

    Anyone can write poetry. Only gifted people can write good poetry.

    You're saying that aliens train and watch you? Are you sure they don't have something better to do with their time?

    You really just said that. Wow, lol.
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  16. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below


    Wow indeed, lol...:Whistle:

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  17. Georgek

    Georgek George

    It was not quite meant as literal but hypothetically speaking. Example:- "burn through your mind"

    'Doing cartwheels'

    I have no reason to burn through your monitor or anyone else's but if I really wanted to...I believe I could do it?

    Never tried it.

    Have I not shown you enough with my posts regarding Remote Sensing? You may wonder why I collect these postings and use them on sites like this?

    I have another 80 or so more that I can place on this topic.
    There is no animosity towards these guys, but they do/did annoy me at times.

    I say this most sincerely, that all I wanted to do was to 'talk paranormal' There were many things that had happened to me, throughout my life and I just wanted to share these experiences and to discuss a subject that I love.

    The more I spoke, the worse it got and I could not hold a post without insults to my person and integrity ranging from insanity and how they cared that I should get psychiatric help (as if!)

    If I posted these discussions I would be accused of bringing my troubles here. It would also be very distressing as pictures of myself with my head shaved and electrodes coming out of my temple was spread across these posts.

    Okay you are being funny...I understand that, but they were posting crude cartoons block letter capitals in red and more.

    You see if we are really paranormal and psychic, we are meant to be mad by which we insult others because we cheat!

    So when we get something like this plastered by others we are meant to understand it as our punishment.

    It shows to others that this person commands no respect.

    Of course I get upset, as these things are not only plastered on forums but also littered on the search engines.

    You carry on saying your stuff and it gets worse. One day you open up a post to find this:-


    Someone had done their research and had found out your name, address and details and have set out to kill you.

    They want to kill you as you get death threats in your email.
    To look at your house and a gun by superimposition through google maps is very upsetting an invasion of privacy. I don't live there anymore, so I posted it. My BMW can be seen in my driveway. This guy was a person who evaded Russia and went to live near New Zealand . My guides told me his town and country which shook him up a bit as well. You have to take the seriously. He never gave his details because of obvious reasons. His remark:- "Pretty good...pretty good" I was sent an email saying that I would never live to my next birthday.

    Now you know why I am like the person I am?

    It is not egoism but self respect.

    Moving on...

    Why is that?

    Because you made them out as fools by proving that you can do these things. Their brains conjurer all kind of things including fraud, stealing of information and being a security risk to others including the ability to go into their computers through the forum.

    Those who are a bit wiser admit defeat which I had shown.

    The hate is still there and then it gets serious.

    Just like yourself, they issue challengers.

    "Produce a hurricane in Maine USA within 2 weeks or shut up...can you hear me folks...let him prove it!"

    So I say :-"YES" and all hell breaks lose

    You see nivek' I had no choice. They told me to either shut up or prove it and if I could not then to leave!

    If I walked away, I would not only begin to lose my faith but I would be proved wrong. This could never happen, because my guides had taught me from young and acted as my mentors training and talking to me throughout my life.

    "In a way I wanted to lose because I would be left to carry on a normal life (whatever that means?) "

    I just had sleep was disrupted and it hurt!!!

    My guides would never allow harm to come to me, and this guy was punished. His town ended up in rubble and his house was the only one standing as to show him that the gods could really hurt him if he dared attack.
    Most of what I have said is date stamped on this forum.

    He turned to me and said that the gods had spared him. Shrugged his shoulders and said that god had told me. I still have the post.

    It still went on and on to the stage where they feared for their lives as they said:- "Let us leave him...he has the devil!"

    Now nivek....I sat back up and looked at my computer screen and there was debris and injuries all over. They were praying for each other as one fell after another.

    You want to see more...I will show you all date stampede by challenge and deed.

    So we now move back to spiritual UFOs and the question is still 'why'? They can zoom into me just like that!
    They can control our weather and all kinds of things if they wanted to.

    Not only was I insulted but the powers that had sent me and that was potent.

    So you wonder why I keep these postings?

    I keep them when I get posts of:- "DO IT"

    So instead of doing it, I just show what HAD been done.
    What I did must never be done again and that was back in 2008.

    Now if things get bad, I just walk away. There is nothing for me to prove to anyone by destruction.

    Some forums really p*ss me off and eventually I say:- "Right I am don't want to hear..that is fine"

    So I look back and find that they really missed me. Oh I still get the nasty things as humanoidlord will tell you, but on one site they had devoted a space so that other members could talk about me. Is that no so humanoidlord
    Ask him.

    It is true....the administrator started a thread all about me where members could discuss me and my reports because I was not there anymore.
    So the direct answer to your request is a 'no'

    I get the same questions all the time.
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  18. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Mass In relation to Gravitational Force
    1) The important factor here, is that weight is NOT mass. The reason for this is because weight alters but mass does not.

    For example....I weigh nearly 13 stones but if I was suspended higher up in the atmosphere I would weigh less...although my mass would remain the same.

    2) With earth science we have what we call acceleration due to gravity which iss rated at 9.81m/s/s^2 It means that an object within the earth's gravitational pull will fall at 9.81 meters every second through the distance that it will fall.
    Meaning that a brick will fall just as quickly as a pencil dropped from the same height.

    3) The earth's mass is pulling us down at this rate mainly attributed by what is called centrifugal force whereby we are pulled toward it's centre by which we call it gravity.

    4) When we go higher into space, this gravitation pull becomes diminished and we weigh less. This weightlessness allows 'free fall'

    5) When we travel in a lift, this same kind of weightlessness can still be experienced and compared to our outside surroundings. Although we weigh less from the outside, because our weighing scales are inside the lift, it is subjected to the same forces from the inside.

    6) This is now infant stuff. Density is referred to mass/volume as one factor is inversely proportional to the other.
    As the mass is reduced our density gets lighter Hence Mass=Density X Volume

    7) Force =M X A meaning that our force is based on the accelerated rate of change.

    8) Looking at our spacecraft it would appear to be at a set volume. Admitted free-fall can be set accordingly inside the spacecraft by resetting the gravitation pull through weightlessness although the mass will remain constant.

    9) Our science tells us that our force is also based on the mass of an object and hence decreasing the density still maintains a constant force but the mass is either reduced or the volume made lighter as to alter density.
    We can see that our object remains the same so it has to be mass that is altered to make ourc spaceship lighter.

    1) This can be attained through multi dimensions on a none physical earth basis allowing manoeuvrability to increase. For example like turning a feather as opposed to a brick.

    12) The amount of energy stored in an object is based on the force acting on it's mass.
    We call this POTENTIAL energy as it travels a distance to convert that potential energy into kinetic energy.
    In order to divert that mass at right angles a force in lateral vector quantity would be required oppose that force.

    13) It is agreed that a relatively heavy object will become lighter as gravitation is decreased and add to weightlessness.
    However UFOS have been noted to turn and twist defying the laws of gravity which therefore must be attributed to either weight or mass which in effect is connected to density.

    14) The point that I am making, is that we are talking about the OUTSIDE of an object not the freefall taht contains inside if we substitute the gravity.

    15) Density is the main factor here in relation to mass and earth science cannot explain how physical UFOs work. It literally cannot be done unless they are spiritual/inter dimensional by which they transfer their energy into a different world. By hence reducing their mass or density in this world disallowing friction and gravitation.

  19. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    because no one (including you) read the links I post, I will just tell you the theory and the tests that back it up
    the websites that have the information are vanishing anyway, so go find it on your own if you want.

    first assumption is that atoms have internal spin. (this can be verified pretty well, so it is really not an assumption)
    second assumption is that lots of matter appear to make gravity, and this mass appears to have a measurable change to the flow of time, but some claim it is the gravity doing it... either way, the GPS system verifies that time is not the same on earth as it is in space.
    so time is flowing faster over us and slower below us.
    so the idea would be that in the internal orbit of the matter spends more time on the slower time field than the faster time field, so sort of like with diffraction, it ends up physically moving to the slower time field.
    this would be what causes what we see as gravity.

    next part.
    if you create an unequal time field to move a craft, the craft thinks it is in freefall all the time.
    so no internal forces are there when you make what seems to be a right hand turn at super high speeds.
    as far as inertia, it is changed with the gravity field, just like the gravity of earth can create inertia in the down direction.
    the device would appear to have been in freefall no matter what direction or turns it is tasked with going.
    you can figure out all the math and logic for the same thing to happen with "warped space", it is just that I don't think that the warped space idea easily predicts as many useful devices as some alternate ways of looking at it. but the math plays out the same either way.

    for verification of the idea, see the experiments of
    W. J. Hooper and Wilbert Smith
    either one says how it works a bit different than the other one, but the physical tests had the same field format and each had positive results with the tests.
    there are other experiments that show this working as well (like the device I built), but they are not straight forward and therefor not very useful examples.
  20. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I was just thinking if perhaps a solid UFO had an anti-gravity field around it?
    Similar to the way your headlamps would illuminate the road in front of you?

    Let us say that this anti-gravity field was uni-directional in all axis including X, Y and Z. Then mass-weight would become minimal and right angled turns would be possible?

    I cannot argue that point, a sit is purely down to belief. I think they are spiritual .

    It would have to be a Tesla Coil.

    Just put a search and I found this:-

    Did Tesla Discover the Secrets of Antigravity?

    There is a picture of my dad as you open it up.

    THAT IS THE ONLY way it would work.

    Gravitation would allow mass to to become weightless.

    We just do not have the technology here to do it cannot be done!

    UFOs could perhaps do this?

    If you think about it......levitating an animal by UFOs???


    This would also account how UFOs suck electrical power. By INDUCTANCE and the reason why car batteries go dead


    There still is NO proof and cannot be done with Earth science but can be shown in mathematics.


    It would have to be this above.

    Or factor E energy is dependent on mass 'M' relating to the radius squared by the amount of radians squared.

    If by anti gravity the mass 'M' is diminished the amount of energy require would also be reduced.
    Maths says it can be done but that would depend also on the radius

    So there would be a small amount of opposition energy and reduced friction

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