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    How this plays out could be very interesting depending on the unreleased material Assange has stacked away.

    Is the timing, so soon after the Mueller report failed to damage Trump, a coincidence?
    Did the friction between Trump and the security services lead them to escalate the situation so Assange would release compromising material.

    Is the IMF approval of a loan to Ecuador another coincidence?.

    On the plus side there could be some stuff on UFOs released.
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    Well, there was a new Wikileaks release that hasn't got a lot of attention.

    Ecuador says they kicked him out because his personal habits were a little disgusting. Given that Assange is German for "Ass Angel" that isn't too surprising.

    More DNC info in the new release. Can't find anyone that has parsed through it.

    Their legal theory (to avoid the statute of limitations) is little dubious and he should be able to beat it in the British courts.
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    It will be interesting to see the level of political support he receives from Europe.
    European politicians protest outside Assange’s London jail
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