Australian Man Possessed Undergoes Exorcism

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    REVEALED: Violent moment a man 'possessed' undergoes an exorcism while he froths at the mouth as a spiritualist mother-of-five drives the 'demon' out of him

    This is the eerie moment that shows a 'heavily possessed' man being 'cured' by a professional exorcist.

    The clip captures the middle-aged man snarling and thrashing while specialist Lizzy Rose, of Melbourne, Australia, chants and pours a red 'potion' over his body.

    Mother-of-five, Lizzy, said she has performed thousands of exorcisms but described the case captured inside a temple in her Keilor home last week as a 'real battle'.

    The ceremony involves the man lying on a pentacle circle bound with rope while Lizzy circles around him wafting sage smoke over his body.

    She then runs a large knife over him- a symbol that the man is cutting ties with whatever has supposedly possessed him - before dousing him in a 'protection potion'.

    Lizzy, 48, said: 'This one was a real battle, it lasted over ten hours.' The family of this man believe he has been heavily possessed since he was a child.

    'He was very gentle until I started chanting. Then the change in him was horrific. He was growling and throwing chairs around.

    'During the ceremony he was bleeding and frothing from the mouth. This entity did not want to give up its the host.'

    Yet apparently, it was a success. Lizzy said she managed to drive the 'demon' out of the client's body.

    The man admitted to feeling 'a little out of his body' after the ceremony and even suffered from memory loss, she claimed.
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    Any man with any sense at all knows to fear a woman with a knife. Hardly a surprise to me that the exorcism worked.
    I mean like what's the alternative?
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