Betty Andreasson

Discussion in 'Alien Hub' started by tclay9214, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. tclay9214

    tclay9214 Novice

    What are the opinions on the Betty Andreasson abductions?
    I was fascinated by the books written by Ray Fowler but that was years ago.
    I’m somewhat more jaded and sceptical now about the whole subject.
  2. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Honorable

    What's funny is, I just started a book on her story and now have lost it! Looks like I'll be writing a check to the library...
  3. ciiriice

    ciiriice Adept

    I've only read a little bit about the Andreasson abduction, but I have to say I'm always very skeptical of stories that come from those who are devoutly religious. So many of them just seem like a way to push the narrative of a higher power.

    I do recall her saying that the entire family have seen the "beings", I wonder how closely their stories match up to hers?

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