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    So, maybe we can't throw lightning bolts, but humans do generate electrical energy to run our muscles, heart, nervous system... and I suppose, we can look at this and make the realization that if we can channel or learn to control this energy, maybe we could use it to access energy patterns, and even communicate with it... maybe even access energies in the universe... maybe this is part of what people are doing when they try to focus on chakra, etc???

    Interesting reading anyway...

    "Electrogenesis refers to the production of electrical activity in living tissue. In a sense, we humans are already electrogenic; each of our brain cells (neurons) produces about 70 millivolts of electric potential and our muscle cells about 95 millivolts. They do this by using chemical energy (in the form of ATP) to power electrogenic pumps, most commonly the Na+/K+ ATPase (sodium-potassium transporter, but usually abbreviated to NAKA)- this enzyme is so common in the massive human brain and muscles that it is responsible for using up to 40% of our resting energy consumption (and the man who discovered it, Jens Skou, was awarded the 1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry"
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